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Disclosure Date
Locations and Timing of Deployment
Interface Requirements
Additional Information

Qwest 700 West Mineral
Littleton, CO 80120

Network Disclosure Announcement #409

Public Notice of Network Change(s), pursuant to CFR 47, subsections 51.325 - 51.335.
Qwest Communications Internet address:

Interconnect Mediated Access (IMA) XML Disclosure Documents

Original Disclosure Date: December 13, 1996
Last Updated: November 11, 2013


Consistent with the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Docket 96-98, FCC 96-325, Paragraph 523, Qwest announces that Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (Co-Carriers) are able to interface via "mediated access" into Operations Support Systems that will facilitate ordering resale services. A Co-Carrier will utilize a web-service to access the Extensible Markup Language, XML, server.

Qwest will provide Co-Carriers requesting mediated access with generic instructions, including access responsibilities, hardware and software requirements, security procedures, transactions and data capabilities. This information is contained in the document listed below and an end user guide that can be obtained by contacting the Co-Carrier's Qwest account representative or by a PDF download.

Locations and
Timing of Deployment:
Access can be obtained by any Co-Carrier. EDI access was available between 3/1/98 and 10/27/07. XML access has been available since 10/16/06.

Pricing: Mediated access will be negotiated at the time interconnection is requested.

Interface Requirements:

Interface requirements are described in Qwest's technical document, or "Interconnect Mediated Access (IMA) XML Disclosure Document" and can be obtained by contacting the Qwest Co-Carrier account representative.

38.0 Release:

39.0 Release

40.0 Release

Additional Information

Questions regarding the technical information contained in this document can be directed to your Qwest account representative. If you do not know your assigned Qwest Sales Executive or Service Manager, use the Qwest Wholesale Information Tool (QWIT) to locate the Qwest Sales Executive or Service Manager assigned to your company.

Questions specific to XML development for implementations or migrations may also be submitted to XML questions for release 20.0 and newer). The process for responding to those questions is outlined in the Qwest IMA XML Implementation document titled: “IMA XML Implementation Guidelines” located at:

NOTE: This announcement has been released in accordance with the FCC Rule 51.333(a), Certification of Short Term Public Notice.

This Network Disclosure is available as a PDF download. If you need to print Network Disclosures, the PDF file will give you more flexibility and a higher quality printout than will a Web page, which is designed to be viewed with a Web browser. If you need the Adobe Acrobat viewer, you can download it for free from Adobe's Web site.

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Questions regarding Network Disclosure information can be referred to the individual listed on the Disclosure Announcement or e-mail Dean Martineau, Qwest's Manager of Network Disclosures at