If your payment is late...

Worried about paying late? If you're concerned about being able to pay your bill on time, please discuss payment arrangements with a CenturyLink billing specialist. We're here to help.

What to expect when your payment is late.

If your bill is past due, then we will mail a notice of disconnection to you. If your bill is not paid by the due date on that notice, a customer service representative will attempt to reach you by phone or email prior to suspending your service. Public Utility Commission rules for each state determine when service will be disconnected due to non-payment, so actual disconnection timeframes vary.

If you have CenturyLink Internet service, you may also receive a message on your computer screen advising you that your bill is past due.

If you have Verizon wireless service billed on your CenturyLink bill, you may receive a text message advising that your payment is late and requesting that you call CenturyLink immediately.

The best way to prevent disruption of service or late fees is to pay your bill before the end of the day it's due. If that's impossible, you may minimize the likelihood of service disruptions, late fees and other penalties for a late payment by making payment arrangements.

There are a couple of reasons your payment may be late. If it's outside CenturyLink business hours on your due date, you may want to explore the different ways to pay online or use our automated pay by phone system. While there's no grace period, you're less likely to experience service disruption and incur a penalty or late fees if you pay your full balance due as quickly as possible.