To have someone else pay your bill

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, a bill needs to be paid by someone other than the account holder, or you may wish for a person other than yourself to perform account related tasks on your behalf. This will not create a separate online profile for the authorized user; this is simply a way for you to let us know that this person can make some changes to your account if they contact us. This authorization will be in effect until the account holder revokes the privilege.

For your protection, we encourage you not to share your online username and password.

Please click here learn how to add an authorized person to your account via chat.

If the person is not set up as an authorized user on the account, they can still make a payment on the account over the phone or in person but there are a couple of things that they will need:

  1. the 10-digit telephone number of the account or the account number, which you can find on the bill or by signing in to My Account
  2. the amount that needs to be paid

CenturyLink can only provide information about the account to authorized persons, which includes the account number and amount due, so it's important to give your benefactor all the information they need to complete the payment on your behalf.