How to use the Prism Program Guide

The Program Guide makes finding what you want to watch faster and easier than ever. You can search live TV and Video On Demand at the push of a button. You can use the guide to see what's scheduled a week in advance. You can even record programs from the Guide screen.

Using the Guide

To access the Guide screen, press the GUIDE button on your remote control. You'll see a list of programs sorted by channel on the left side and by time across the top of the grid.

  • You can use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to browse programs by channel.
  • Use the RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS to go forward and backward in time.
  • You can use the FAST FORWARD and REWIND (FF and REW) buttons to jump a full day ahead or back in the program guide.

At the bottom of the guide screen, you'll see information about the highlighted program.

  • Press the INFO button to see more information about the highlighted program such as a brief description and cast.
  • Press the BACK button to return to the guide.

If you are highlighting a show that's currently airing, press OK to view that program and exit the guide.

Recording a Program from the Guide

  1. Press the GUIDE button to see the Program Guide.
  2. Use the ARROW keys to select a program.
    • Press the RECORD button once to record the program.
    • Press the RECORD button twice to record the series.
    • Or press the RECORD button three times to cancel the recording.
  3. Press GUIDE or EXIT to TV at any time to return to watching live TV.

For more information on using your DVR, watch the Help On Demand videos on how to schedule a recording and how to record a series.