Prism® TV: Locking Prism On Demand rentals using Parental Controls

Using Parental Controls to lock rentals requires a PIN to purchase On Demand rental programs or purchase Pay-Per View events.  Even if you temporarily disable all of your parental controls, you will still need to enter a PIN to purchase an On Demand rental or Pay-Per View event.

You will still be able to view free Video On Demand if rentals are locked.

Locking Rentals and Pay-Per View

  1. To lock On Demand Rentals and Pay-Per View, press the MENU key to bring up the main menu.
  2. Use the DOWN ARROW key to select SETTINGS and press OK.
  3. Use the DOWN ARROW to navigate to CONTROL CONTENT and press OK.
  4. Press OK again to select PARENTAL LOCKING.
    • If you already have a PIN, enter it using the NUMBER keys. The Parental Locking settings screen will appear.
    • If you do not have a pin, use the NUMBER keys to enter a PIN.
  5. The Parental Locking settings screen will appear.
  6. Use the ARROW keys to select CHANGE next to RENTALS and press OK.
  7. Press OK to lock rentals and press OK again to unlock.
  8. Use the ARROW keys to select SAVE and press OK.

If you are finished setting Parental Controls, use the ARROW KEYS to select LOCK. Press OK. Press EXIT TO TV to return to watching live TV full screen.

For more information on using your Parental Controls, watch the Help On Demand videos on creating your PIN, locking channels or locking programs by rating.