How does AutoPay work?

Once you have enrolled in AutoPay, you will receive an email to confirm your request.

Here's what you can expect after that:

Your first AutoPay payment

Your first automatic payment will happen one to two billing cycles after you sign up. That means you should continue to pay your bill another way until you receive a bill (email, online or in the mail) that clearly states that your balance will be automatically paid. If your bill doesn't state that your bill will be paid automatically, you should pay it using one of our convenient payment options.

Once your bill says AutoPay is set up, it will pay your bill each month using the payment method you chose.

When your automatic payment comes out each month

Exactly when AutoPay payments occur each month depends on several factors, including where you live and, in some cases, which payment method you're using.

To ensure the information we provide to you is accurate, we must first ask you for your zip code.