Is AutoPay right for you?If you're looking for ways to save time and/or improve your personal security, AutoPay might be exactly what you want.

How to enroll in AutoPayYou can enroll online. Or, you can mail in a paper form.

How to remove AutoPay from your accountIf want to go back to manually paying your CenturyLink bill, you can do that any time.

Cancelling your CenturyLink service, cancels AutoPay tooBe sure to look at the final bill(s) you receive from us. Since AutoPay gets cancelled with your service, these last bills will probably need to be paid manually.

How does AutoPay work?Here's an overview of what to expect once you've enrolled.

Changing your AutoPay dateAt this time, we're not able to change when your bill is due or when your automatic payment is withdrawn from your account. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Understanding how AutoPay worksWe automatically debit an account you designate to pay your CenturyLink bill -- saving you time and worry.

How paper billing works with AutoPayYou'll continue to receive a paper bill unless you specifically tell us you no longer want one.

How to know if AutoPay has startedYou'll receive a confirmation email, and then in 1 to 2 billing cycles, you'll see a message on your bill saying AutoPay has started.

Sign up for a free service... AutoPayNot only is this service free, but you might even save money because you won't need to buy stamps, checks or gas to get your payment to us.

How to change your AutoPay payment informationTo change your payment information, sign in to My Account. Some changes require a couple of billing cycles to become effective.