Video help: Understanding your billThis short video explains the sections of your bill and how it's structured.

After signing in to My Account, you can't find or pay your billWhat to look for when you can sign in, but your newest bill isn't appearing.

Enroll a user name or password in My Account, or add an accountHow to reap the benefits of My Account, and ensure you have access to your newest bill.

What to expect on your first billBecause it can include prorated and one-time charges, the first bill is often higher than normal. So there are no surprises, here's what you can expect.

How to find your account balanceIt's easy to find your balance and due date.

Methods accepted for bill paymentChoose the payment method that's best for you.

Incorrect charge on your billWhat to do if there's an incorrect charge on your bill.

Have you forgotten your My Account user name or your password, or both?Help with signing on to My Account, where you can manage your account and pay your bill.

Help with MSN® Dial-upSupport is available both online and by phone.

Tour the CenturyLink billUsing this interactive tour is an easy way to learn what terms mean and where important sections are located on your bill.

Pay your bill onlinePay online by creating an account, or if you're in a hurry, skip that step and get in and out fast.

Understanding one-time charges on the billOne-time charges on your bill might be the cause of it being higher than normal. Learn what these charges are, why they are on your bill, and where to find them.