Put your services on hold while you're away You can put your telephone, Internet and television services on hold when you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time.

Prism equipment overviewLearn about the basic functions of the three pieces of Prism equipment you receive at installation: the Residential Gateway, a set-top box, and a remote control.

Prism MXv3 IR remote control user guideHow to use your Prism MXv3 IR remote control.

How to transfer, suspend or cancel your DIRECTV serviceTake your service with you, temporarily shut it down or turn it off for good.

Deleting Prism Parental Control settingsLearn how to disable your Prism Parental Control settings and delete your PIN. To enable parental locking again, you will need to create a new PIN.

Prism TV new customer education Get to know the basics of using your new television service.

What to expect with your closing billWhen you cancel service, a closing bill is generated immediately. Depending when you disconnect, you may also receive 1 to 2 follow up bills.

Prism Parental Control PINsLearn how to create and delete your Parental Control PIN. This PIN must be entered to lock or unlock channels, ratings or On Demand rentals.

Prism remote control overviewLearn about the basic functions and buttons on your Prism remote control.

How to use Prism Video On DemandLearn how to watch a movie using Prism On Demand.