Take a tour of your modemSuper clear explanation of the ports on the back, what the lights on the front mean, and why you should care about the sticker on the bottom.

What to do when your modem's lights look oddThe color and behavior of your modem lights give you clues to possible problems.

Troubleshooting your modem's power lightThe power light tells you whether the modem is receiving power. When your modem is working properly, the power light is solid green.

Prism troubleshooting: No pictureLearn steps you can take if you see the Prism Program Guide but no picture.

Prism equipment overviewLearn about the basic functions of the three pieces of Prism equipment you receive at installation: the Residential Gateway, a set-top box, and a remote control.

Getting started with CenturyLink® Prism® TVGet to know the basics of using your new television service. Plus learn how to record and watch programs with your DVR, start a recorded program in one room and finish in another, and much more.

Troubleshooting your modem's DSL lightThe DSL light shows that you're connected to the CenturyLink network. When your modem is working properly, the DSL light is solid green.

Troubleshooting your modem's Internet lightThe Internet light shows you're connected to the Internet. When the light is green, you're connected. If it's flashing green, it's sending/receiving data.

Modem RESET: Understanding when to use it A very useful tool, the modem's RESET button should be used cautiously.

What to do if your Internet connection drops frequentlyIf you have to reconnect to the Internet multiple times a day, troubleshoot your wired (and/or wireless) connection to correct the problem.

Prism troubleshooting: Frozen pictureLearn steps you can take if your picture is frozen.

Setting up your Prism Wireless Set-Top Box (STB)Learn how to install your Prism wireless set-top box.