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Presubscribed Inter-Exchange Carrier Charge (PICC) Explained
911 Emergency Service Fee Explained
Poison Control Surcharge Explained
What are DTS Port Charges?
Understanding the Property Tax Allocation
Carrier Property Tax and Federal Regulatory Recovery Fee Explained
USF Administrative Fee
911 Equalization Surcharge Explained
Understanding one-time charges on your bill
Changing your AutoPay date
City Occupation Tax Explained
City Sales Tax Explained
County Tax Explained
Foreign State Tax Explained
Special District Sales Tax Explained
Texas Municipal Franchise Fee Explained
What is the State Commission Gross Receipts Tax?
What is the State Infrastructure Fund?
Understanding Your Bill
Understanding Your Bill
Taxes, fees and surcharges on your bill
Federal Tax Explained
State Sales Tax Explained
Local Sales Tax Explained
State Franchise Tax or Fees Explained
Local Franchise Tax or Fees Explained
Pay Phone Surcharges for Toll Free (800) Numbers Explained
Local Number Portability Charge Explained
Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) Explained
Universal Service Fund (USF) Explained
Access Recovery Charge (ARC) Explained
What is Prop TX/Reg Fees/USF Admn?
Tour the CenturyLink bill
Subscriber Line Charge Explained
Non-Telecom Services Surcharge Explained
Telephone Assistance Program (TAP) Surcharge Explained
Expanded Local Calling (ELC) Fee & Surcharge Explained
Federal Regulatory Recovery Fee Explained
What to expect when your promotion or discount expires
Understanding your CenturyLink bill (video)
What to expect on your first bill
No longer receiving CenturyLink emails
Tour the CenturyLink bill
Not getting emails about your bill?
Understanding how AutoPay works
Sign up for a free service... AutoPay
Ways to pay using AutoPay
Is AutoPay right for you?
Changing the bill's payment due date
Changing your billing address
How paper billing works with AutoPay
How does AutoPay work?
How late fees are calculated
How long it takes to process your payment
How to enroll in AutoPay
How to know if AutoPay has started
Pay in person
How changing your CenturyLink service impacts AutoPay
Incorrect charge on your bill
Any grace period for payments?
How to make payment arrangements
Making a partial payment
My Account Mobile Bill Pay
Need your service turned back on?
Not seeing a recent payment reflected on your online bill?
Online bill payment with My Account
Pay your bill with your smartphone
Paying your bill with saved payment information
Prepaying your bill
Quick Bill Pay for smartphones
How to remove AutoPay from your account
Wondering when you'll see your bill credit?
To have someone else pay your bill
How to change your AutoPay payment information
Cancelling your CenturyLink service, cancels AutoPay too
Worried that your payment won't reach us in time?
How to find your account balance
Enroll a user name or password in My Account, or add an account
Telecommunications Relay Surcharge Explained
What to expect with your closing bill
Different ways to pay your bill
Online Quick Bill Pay
Pay your bill online
Have you forgotten your My Account user name or your password, or both?
Pay by mail
After signing in to My Account, you can't find or pay your bill
Telephone and Internet assistance programs
If your payment is late...
Tour the CenturyLink bill
Different ways to pay your bill (video)
AutoPay Terms and Conditions
Pay by phone
What you need to enroll in AutoPay
Calling Features: 3-Way Calling
9 tips for email safety
Report an email as spam to CenturyLink
What's a computer virus?
What's malware?
What's phishing?
What's spam?
What's spyware?
How to change your CenturyLink email password
How to set up your CenturyLink Voice Mail
Change the look of your CenturyLink email inbox
Online CenturyLink Voice Mail user guide
Use Call Waiting and never miss a call because you're on the phone
Use Call Forwarding to send your calls to another phone
Use Selective Call Forwarding to send specific calls to another phone
Setting up your CenturyLink email
How to add (or delete) CenturyLink email addresses
What to do if your wireless is off
How to connect a wireless device to your network
Finding wireless settings without the modem sticker
How to set up your modem and activate your Internet service
Take a tour of your modem
Need your CenturyLink account number?
Prism® TV app supported devices
Prism® TV app FAQs
Prism quick user guide
Prism MXv3 IR remote control user guide
Managing your CenturyLink email
Welcome to DIRECTV
Welcome to Verizon Wireless
Prism® TV: Deleting Parental Control settings
How to cancel a scheduled recording using your Prism DVR
How to cancel a series recording using your Prism DVR
How to delete a recording from your Prism DVR
How to protect a recording from being deleted automatically from your Prism DVR
Prism® TV: How to watch Prism On Demand
How to Use the CenturyLink® Prism™ Program Guide
Prism® TV: Lock programs by ratings using Parental Controls
Prism® TV: Locking channels using Parental Controls
Prism® TV: Locking Prism On Demand rentals using Parental Controls
Prism equipment overview
Prism Home Media Sharing: Pictures
Prism TV installation overview
Prism TV installation preparation checklist
Getting started with CenturyLink® Prism® TV
Prism® TV: Parental Control PINs
CenturyLink® Prism® TV Remote Control Overview
Prism troubleshooting: Frozen picture
Prism troubleshooting: No picture
Prism troubleshooting: Pixilated or blocky picture
Prism troubleshooting: Remote control
Prism® TV: How to hide channels
Programming your Prism remote control
Recording a series on your Prism DVR
Recording programs on your Prism DVR
Scheduling recordings on your Prism DVR
Setting up your Prism RF remote control
Setting up your Prism Wireless Set-Top Box (STB)
Prism® TV: Temporarily turn off Parental Controls
Recording Programs using your CenturyLink® Prism® TV DVR
Using your Prism Whole Home DVR
Prism® TV: View locked shows using your Parental Control PIN
Sun outages and your television service
Your Prism TV MXv4 remote control
Your Prism TV Nova IR remote control
Logging in to your CenturyLink email automatically
Ways to block unwanted calls from your home phone
Modem RESET: Understanding when to use it
Changing your wireless network password to something you'll remember
Wireless network connections 101
What to do when your modem's lights look odd
Troubleshooting your modem, starting with the cords
Troubleshooting your Internet connection and modem
How to troubleshoot a slow Internet connection
Improve the performance of your wireless connection
How to troubleshoot for static or noise on your phone line, or no dial tone
Find your Prism TV channel lineup
What to do if your payment's declined
Help with MSN® Dial-up
Manage one bill instead of two, when you have DIRECTV
Long Distance Line Charge
Facility Relocation Cost Recovery Fee
Internet Cost Recovery Fee
CenturyLink Non-Telecom Services Surcharge
Long Distance Line Charge
Changing your wireless network name (SSID)
Email attachment troubleshooting basics
How to unlock your email account
What to do if you get a Mailbox Full error
Trouble activating Norton security software
How to troubleshoot failing wireless network credentials
Internet speed sometimes noticeably slower
What to do if your wireless network isn't showing up
Keep your computer healthy with PC diagnostic and security scans
Unable to browse the Internet despite correct modem lights
Trouble installing Norton security software
How to troubleshoot for no dial tone on your phone
Improve your cordless phone's performance
Examine your phone equipment for damage
What to do if you keep getting a recorded message
Fix problems with specific phone numbers (or certain calls)
What to do if you can't make long-distance, toll-free or 900-number calls
What to do if you can't hear or be heard when making (or receiving) a call
Things to check if your phone doesn't ring when people call
Common 3-Way Calling problems
Use Caller ID to know who's calling before you pick up
Do you need a maintenance protection plan?
How to use calling features to block incoming calls
Reject calls from private and anonymous numbers
Caller ID not showing what it should
How to stop calling features from blocking calls
Anonymous Call Rejection troubleshooting tips
Why your phone is disconnecting mid call or ringing only once
Things to check when having problems making local calls
Get rid of annoying noises on your phone line
What to do when your dial tone comes and goes
What to do about an exposed temporary (orange) phone line
How to report damage to a telephone pole, wire or cable
What to do if your Internet connection drops frequently
Troubleshooting common wireless connection problems
How to download Norton security software
Optimize your Internet connection
Tips for fixing problems sending or receiving email
How to check voice mail when you're not home
How to reset your voice mail password
What to do when people can't leave you voice mail messages
How to get phone wiring and/or jacks repaired
How to set up your email to go through POP3 and SMTP
Common wireless adapter problems and solutions
Use Call Transfer to send calls to another phone
Use Continuous Redial to reach a busy number
Use Call Trace to identify harassing calls
How to pay your DIRECTV bill
How to suspend or cancel your Verizon Wireless service
How to transfer, suspend or cancel your DIRECTV service
Got DIRECTV programming questions?
Basic DIRECTV troubleshooting help
With Custom Ringing incoming calls sound different
How to pay your Verizon Wireless bill
Basic Verizon Wireless troubleshooting help
Tour the CenturyLink bill
Troubleshooting your modem's power light
Troubleshooting your modem's DSL light
Troubleshooting your modem's Internet light
Understanding your modem's Ethernet light
Turning on your modem's wireless light
Call 8-1-1 before you dig
Making additional payments when you're already signed up for AutoPay
Choose how your contact info appears in the phone book
Keep your phone number private
Use No Solicitation to stop sales calls
Enjoy premium channels when you're on the go
Email upgrade affecting some customers
How to find your BTN
Get settled before you move
What's spoofing?
Prism set-top boxes save energy
Put your services on hold while you're away
How to transfer your CenturyLink service
Use Call Rejection to block calls you don't want
Unclaimed Property
How to cancel your CenturyLink service
Simplify your life with paperless billing
Looking for the code to set up My Account profile
Can't log in to my account
How to track your order status
About Prism Local Broadcast and Sports Network Surcharges
What's a RMA number?
The 2016 Prism® TV Package, Equipment, and Services Price List
2016 Prism® TV Change
Preventing unauthorized bill charges
How to activate your new Digital Home Phone service
Digital Home Phone Quick Start Set Up
Getting started with the basics of Digital Home Phone
CenturyLink Battery Backup Units
Prism TV®Service Assistance
How to replace your modem
Recording and Viewing Programs using your Prism® DVR
CenturyLink® Prism™ Interface Overview
How to find your Prism® TV Parental Controls
Methods accepted for bill payment
Upcoming Changes to My Account
Explore CenturyLink® Credit Card Payment Options
How to watch Prism® TV on your Roku player or Roku TV
Troubleshoot your phone or Internet services
Use the Prism® TV app on your mobile device
Use the Prism® TV app on your mobile device to manage your DVR
Using the Prism® TV App as your Prism TV remote
Watching Prism® TV on Roku
If you are expecting a CenturyLink technician, find out when will they arrive
Get the most out of the Prism® TV App
Internet and data usage limits
Understanding Prism® TV recommendations
Prism® TV: Watching Prime Time on Prism On Demand
Prism® TV: Rent Movies on Prism On Demand
Prism® TV: Watching Premium Channels on Prism On Demand
Prism® TV: Watching in High Definition
Activating and setting up your Connected Home service
Install a Z-Wave device with your Connected Home service
Install or remove a camera with your Connected Home service
Managing your Connected Home features
Troubleshooting your Connected Home service
Prism® TV: Using Closed captions and audio descriptions