Making additional payments when you're already signed up for AutoPay

You can make additional payments in advance of your scheduled AutoPay payment. However, in most cases, any extra payment will be applied to your next month's bill.

This is because with AutoPay there are more things happening in the background than if you just dropped a check in the mail. Everything is carefully timed so that your bill gets paid by your due date. Things can slip out of sync if you make an additional payment manually.

For instance, in this example, the customer uses AutoPay and has decided to pay an additional $3 in advance of his regularly scheduled payment. Because it takes a while for our systems to catch up to what he did, his account is debited his normal, monthly payment of $30 (instead of the adjusted amount of $27). By the following month, his accounts are in sync again and reflect the $3 advance payment. As a result, his automatic payment is only for the $27 that is due.

Date Payments Amount Due
May 1   $30.00
May 10 $3 manual payment $27.00
May 15 $30 automatic payment -$3.00
June 15 $27 automatic payment $27.00

Because of these timing issues, we don't encourage customers to make additional payments when they're signed up for AutoPay.

If you need to make additional payments regularly, you can remove AutoPay from your account and pay using a different method. Of course, if you have questions, chat with us. We're here to help!

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