What you need to enroll in AutoPay

To enroll in AutoPay, you need to confirm your identity and provide a payment source for monthly billing.

Confirm your identity

You confirm your identity as part of the enrollment process, which can be done either online or by sending in a paper form. 

If you enroll online, then signing in to My CenturyLink verifies your identity. If you prefer paper, you can mail in a form, but you'll need to provide your CenturyLink account number. (Don't know your account number? There are a few places you can find it.)

Provide a payment source

Checking, savings or money market* account

If you want to have your CenturyLink bill electronically deducted from your bank account, be ready to provide your routing and account numbers. (Both can be found on the bottom of your check.)

* Money market option not available in all areas.

Credit or debit card

If you would like to have your bill charged to your credit or debit card every month, you'll need to have your card information handy, including:

  • Account number
  • Expiration date
  • Security code (found on the back of your card) 


Sign in to My CenturyLink
Manage your account preferences and billing information online.