Preventing unauthorized bill charges

Cramming occurs when unauthorized charges appear on your telephone bill.

To help prevent unwanted third party charges on your bill, contact CenturyLink and request, at no charge, a bill block that will prevent some third party charges such as charitable contributions, dial-up Internet by non-CenturyLink companies or other non-telecommunications charges from appearing on your bill.

What to look for

CenturyLink suggests the following pointers that will assist you in helping prevent these charges from appearing on your bill, and includes information on how you can get help if you experience cramming, or you see unwanted or other unauthorized charges on your bill.

  • Third party charges are found on the first page summary under the section titled 'Other Companies' or 'Third Party Providers'. They will be broken out in detail on the last pages of the bill.
  • You can call CenturyLink to report an unauthorized third party charge that appeared on your telephone bill, and CenturyLink will remove the charges from your bill.
  • You can have third party charges blocked by contacting CenturyLink at the Customer Service number on your bill. There is no charge for this service.
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