Enroll a user name or password in My Account, or add an account

Before you can sign in and use My Account to manage your account, you need a user name and a password. If a user name and password hasn't been created for you, then you'll need to enroll.  And, sometimes account activities will change your account number, and this new account number needs to be added to your My Account before you can use it to pay or view your bill.

It's fast and easy to do both, if you have the right items handy before you start. The first is your account number, which you can find on your paper bill. The second varies: you'll either need the zip code of your billing address or a security code.

To register, click the "Enroll Now" button on the My Account sign in page.

To add a new account, go ahead and sign in to My Account.

Asked for your security code or security answer but don't know it?

Your online account contains enough personal information that CenturyLink and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agree it should be secured from unauthorized access. Sometimes it might feel like it's too secure, but please understand that we aren't intentionally trying to be difficult. Rather, we take every customers' privacy very seriously.

While some accounts have a security code, others may have a security question and answer. Until you've created a security question and answer, your account is given a random system generated security code.

You can find the security code on your Welcome Letter, or if you haven't already registered for My Account, then it's printed on the first page of your paper bill in the green informational box towards the top of the page. 

Or, you'll be given the option to request your security code or security answer when you're registering, or adding an account. You'll be able to choose either an automated voice message, which will call the primary telephone number on the account right away with the information, or have a paper letter sent to the billing address.