How to pay your Verizon wireless bill

It's easy to pay your Verizon Wireless bill, but how you do it depends how your billing is set up.

One bill for both companies

If you're a CenturyLink customer and have Verizon Wireless service, you may be eligible for combined billing.

With a combined bill, your Verizon Wireless charges appear as part of your CenturyLink bill. You pay for both services at the same time and CenturyLink policies govern when and how you pay your bill

Note: If receiving a single bill for both services interests you, chat with us to see if combined billing is available in your area and if you qualify. You may also be eligible for monthly bundle discounts on qualifying CenturyLink services.

Separate bill from each company

While we sell Verizon's wireless service, Verizon manages your account and service. Unless you've signed up for combined billing with us, you receive a separate bill from Verizon for your wireless service -- and their policies govern when and how you pay.

For help understanding how to pay your Verizon bill, start with visiting Verizon Wireless online support.

Of course, you can always contact Verizon Wireless directly. Their contact us page includes options for chatting online as well as speaking with live people.

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