How to remove AutoPay from your account

If you decide AutoPay's not your cup of tea and you want to go back to paying your bill manually, you can do that.

Removing AutoPay

To remove AutoPay from your account, simply sign in to My Account, and follow the prompts. The process should only take a few minutes. (If you've forgotten your My Account username or password, you can retrieve/reset them.)

What to expect next

The thing to keep in mind if you're removing AutoPay from your account is... timing. It can take 1 to 2 cycles to return to regular, non-automated billing. This is because your request has to process through our systems, and depending where you're at in your billing cycle, a bill might have already been created, which means it's possible that any balance due at that time might have been automatically withdrawn.

You'll know everything is resolved when you receive a bill with a message saying your balance will no longer be paid using AutoPay.