Choose how your contact info appears in the phone book

There are several ways you can have your telephone number listed in our directories.

You can even have your name removed, at no charge, from lists that we lease to other firms. (Non-listed and Non-published telephone numbers are automatically excluded from these lists.)

Main listing

As part of your telephone service, you get your name (last, first, middle), street address and telephone number included in our printed directory.

When you decide how you want your listing to read, you can:

  • Replace your first name and/or middle name with initials.
  • Omit the community name and/or street address from your listing.
  • Have a "dual surname" listing. This allows people with different last names, living at the same address, to have both names shown in their listing. Just tell us which last name you want to appear first for the alphabetical sequence of the listing.

Applicable charges: There.s no charge to customize your directory listing if you do it when you sign up for service. If you decide you want to make changes later, there's a fee. 

Non-listed (semi-private)

If you ask for a semi-private listing, your name, address and phone number aren.t shown in the printed telephone directory. Your name and telephone number are available through Directory Assistance. 

Applicable charges: One-time setup charge and monthly fee

Non-published (private)

If you ask for a private listing, your name, address, and phone number are not included in the directory and are not available through Directory Assistance.

Applicable charges: One-time setup charge and monthly fee

No solicitation listing

If you ask for a no solicitation listing, a black dot (.) can be printed in the directory next to your telephone number. The dot indicates that you don't want to receive solicitation calls or mail. (This particular feature is not available in all areas.)

Applicable charges: Monthly fee

If you have questions or would like to change your directory listing, chat with us. We're here to help!

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