Changing your wireless network password to something you'll remember

It's so easy to forget a password, especially when it's a password you didn't choose and doesn't have any significance to you.

Modem manufacturers are big believers in security and set up their default passwords on their devices to be... complicated. They're usually long, complex strings of letters and numbers. The good news is that you can customize your wireless network password and make it something you're more likely to remember (but still hard for others to guess).

How to change your network password

  1. Find your modem's brand and model number.  You'll probably find this information on a sticker on the bottom of the modem or on imprinted on the front of the device near the lights. (No sticker or brand information on your modem? You can still find the information you need.)
  2. From the list below, select the link that matches your modem's brand and model to get detailed instructions on what to do next. The instructions will vary somewhat by modem, but for most models, you'll click on Wireless Setup and then click "WPA: Default Key or Custom Key" or "WEP: Default Key or Custom Key," depending which type of security key you have. (Most people use a WPA key.) From there, simply follow the on screen instructions.

If your modem brand or model isn't listed above, visit our modem support page

Tips for creating strong passwords

Your network will be more secure if you use a strong password to lock it down. This video explains why you want to bother with strong passwords and suggests a few techniques for remembering them. Before you set up your network password, test its strength.

Forgot your customized wireless network password?

Most modems come with a reset button. If you forget the custom password you just set up, you can press the reset button, and the password will be reset to the manufacturer's default (which can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the modem). 

IMPORTANT—Pressing the reset button not only resets your device's password but also all the other custom data you may have entered including: your network name, wireless settings, etc. Read about the modem reset button before using it.

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