Explore CenturyLink Credit Card Payment Options

Effective on November 1, 2015, we will no longer accept the American Express credit card as a payment option for any CenturyLink transactions, including bill payments from new or existing customers. 

Discover the variety of secure and convenient bill payment options available to you...

If you're one of our customers currently using American Express, we don't want you to experience a disruption to your monthly online payments. We encourage you to change your AutoPay payment selection as soon as you can. However, we know other priorities can suddenly pop-up so if you're using American Express now to pay your bill, please know that you have until January 31, 2016 to adjust your payment option.

You might be asking yourself, what should I do now since I can no longer pay my bill with my American Express card? There's no need to worry. We offer a variety of bill payment options to you.

If you're paying your bill with American Express this might be the perfect time for you to reconsider what type of payment option you select when you update your AutoPay account. 

You may want to take this opportunity to reevaluate and choose another payment option. You may prefer to select your checking, savings or money market account or use your debit card to pay your bill. However, if you'd rather use a credit card we still accept the major ones - Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

All of these payment options (i.e. checking, savings or money market accounts, debit and credit cards) are available with our convenient and secure online payment methods:

  • AutoPay is a great way to pay your bill. Life gets busy and AutoPay takes away the worry of keeping up with your due date or missing a payment. You can easily update payment options and turn it off when you choose. Learn how it works. If you're not already using AutoPay, you'll  discover how easy it is to enroll.
  • MyAccount not only let's you pay your bill online, but you can also update your account, change services and view previous bills. Plus, once you've registered and save your payment information—you don't have to reenter it when you pay your bill. Signing up is easy.
  • Quick Bill Pay gives you a simple way to pay your bill if you prefer not to regularly pay online. If you're in a hurry, it's a fast way to pay you CenturyLink bill.

If you're a new CenturyLink customer and are wondering how to pay your bill, please be assured we offer many different ways to pay your bill. Please go explore all our methods accepted for bill payment so you can decide which option works best of you.

If submitting payments online is not your thing, you can always pay by phone, go to one of our stores, or pay by mail.