Troubleshooting Your Connected Home Service

Just in case things don't go as you expect, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix issues yourself or know when to contact us for help.

The Cloud Hub Does Not Come Online

If the Cloud Hub does not come online, identify what LED lights are displayed on the Cloud Hub.

  • If there is no Power LED on the Cloud Hub, try to plugging it in to a different power outlet.
  • If you are using a power strip, try plugging it in directly to a power outlet.
  • If the Power LED is flashing, that indicates the Cloud Hub is starting up or running a firmware upgrade.
  • If the Service LED is flashing, the device is activated but unable to find the Server. Check your Internet connection and possibly try a new port on the router.

The Camera Does Not Come Online

  • If No Power LED light, check if the power adapter is plugged into an outlet and ensure the power cable is properly plugged into the camera. Be sure to check if the outlet is controlled by a switch, and if so the switch is in the on position.
  • If the Camera Power LED is flashing, the camera is starting up or running a firmware update.
  • If Network LED is flashing, Camera is connecting to Network check the status of the Cloud Hub Wi-Fi.
  • If the Network LED is off, please contact us.

The Door / Window Sensor Does Not Come Online

  • Ensure the protective plastic on the battery has been removed and verify the battery is correctly installed.
  • If battery is installed correctly, check the status on the Z-Wave LED on Cloud Hub.
  • If Z-Wave LED is Off, no Z-Wave devices are paired with this Cloud Hub. Please refer to the Z-Wave Installation for Cloud Hub Instructions.

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