Help with MSN® Dial-up

While we no longer support MSN, MSN Premium or Windows Live, you can still get help.

Visit the MSN Solution Center. The Solution Center offers detailed information on commonly requested topics:

  • Finding your local access number
  • Setting up your MSN Dialer
  • Troubleshooting your MSN email account
  • Updating credit cards info and settling balances
  • Upgrading, changing or canceling your service

Email account support

If you have a Microsoft® email address (, or, sign into MSN Support. You will be able to order additional services, cancel your account, review your bill and/or change your MSN profile.

Talk to a live person

If you don't find the answers you need online, try talking with a live person. For help with MSN dial-up, call 1-800-386-5550. And, for MSN Premium, dial 1-800-494-2962.