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Troubleshooting your Internet connection and modem

There are some simple things you can do immediately to fix a broken Internet connection.

Modem RESET: Understanding when to use it

A very useful tool, the modem's RESET button should be used cautiously.

What to do when your modem's lights look odd

The color and behavior of your modem lights give you clues to possible problems.

Troubleshooting your modem, starting with the cords

Inspect your cables, eyeball the plugin setup, remove the DSL filter and check how your landline phones are connected.

Take a tour of your modem

Super clear explanation of the ports on the back, what the lights on the front mean, and why you should care about the sticker on the bottom.

Finding wireless settings without the modem sticker

For CenturyLink modems, you can find your network name (SSID) and password (KEY or PASSPHRASE) in 3 steps.

How to replace your modem

Your options depend on whether your modem is leased, where you purchased it and if it's under warranty.

Unable to browse the Internet despite correct modem lights

Troubleshoot by restarting your modem and checking your cords.

How to replace your modem

Your options depend on whether your modem is leased, where you purchased it and if it's under warranty.

Troubleshooting your modem's Internet light

The Internet light shows you're connected to the Internet. When the light is green, you're connected. If it's flashing green, it's sending/receiving data.

Turning on your modem's wireless light

When your wireless light blinks green, data is being sent and received wirelessly. If it's solid green, the wireless is on, but data's not being sent.

Troubleshooting your modem's power light

The power light tells you whether the modem is receiving power. When your modem is working properly, the power light is solid green.

Troubleshooting your modem's DSL light

The DSL light shows that you're connected to the CenturyLink network. When your modem is working properly, the DSL light is solid green.

Understanding your modem's Ethernet light

When you connect a device to one of your modem's Ethernet ports, the corresponding light on the front of the modem will flicker or be solid green.

Improve the performance of your wireless connection

Get the most out of your wireless connection by reducing electronic interference and placing your modem in an ideal spot.

What to do if your wireless is off

If your wireless is off, confirm your computer and modem are working properly.

Wireless network connections 101

Connecting to a wireless network is easier than it sounds. You simply need to understand the basics: network name, network password and network list.

Changing your wireless network password to something you'll remember

It's easy to change your KEY or PASSPHRASE, and if you've forgotten one you've already set up, we can help you reset it.

How to connect a wireless device to your network

Connect a computer, smartphone, tablet, gaming console, Blu-ray player, smartTV or printer to your home network and the Internet.

Troubleshooting common wireless connection problems

If you can't connect to the Internet, use these tips to find your wireless settings, check your power settings, remove saved networks, fix your firewall and scan for viruses.

What to do if your wireless network isn't showing up

We can think of 6 reasons your network can't be found.

What to do if your Internet connection drops frequently

If you have to reconnect to the Internet multiple times a day, troubleshoot your wired (and/or wireless) connection to correct the problem.

Optimize your Internet connection

By tweaking a few small things, you can get more speed out of your Internet connection.

How to troubleshoot failing wireless network credentials

Confirm you're connecting to the correct network, using the right password and all your software is current.

Changing your wireless network name (SSID)

It only takes a few minutes to change your network name, but choose the new name carefully.

How to troubleshoot a slow Internet connection

Do a speed test and figure out if you're getting the speed you should be. Then, fix whatever's slowing you down.

Common wireless adapter problems and solutions

Use these tips to start troubleshooting wireless adapter issues.

Internet speed sometimes noticeably slower

If your speed is fine one minute and then super slow, there are things you can do to improve performance.

Prism equipment overview

Learn about the basic functions of the three pieces of Prism equipment you receive at installation: the Residential Gateway, a set-top box, and a remote control.

What's a RMA number?

We use RMA numbers to track high-speed Internet equipment that's returned us. We preprint RMA numbers on our prepaid return labels.

Get rid of annoying noises on your phone line

Static, hissing, echoes and other irritants are often caused by simple things you can correct on your own.

What to expect on your first bill

Because it can include prorated and one-time charges, the first bill is often higher than normal. So there are no surprises, here's what you can expect.

CenturyLink® Prism New Customer Education

Get to know the basics of using your new television service. Plus learn how to record and watch programs with your DVR, start a recorded program in one room and finish in another, and much more.

Put your services on hold while you're away

You can put your telephone, Internet and television services on hold when you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time.

Digital Home Phone Quick Start Set Up

Easy steps for setting up your Digital Home Phone for equipment and features

Prism TV installation overview

Learn about the CenturyLink Prism installation process.

Setting up your Prism Wireless Set-Top Box (STB)

Learn how to install your Prism wireless set-top box.

Troubleshooting Your Connected Home Service

Just in case things don't go as you expect, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix issues yourself or know when to contact us for help.

Understanding one-time charges on your bill

One-time charges on your bill might be the cause of it being higher than normal. Learn what these charges are, why they are on your bill, and where to find them.

Troubleshooting your Connected Home service

Learn how to troubleshoot any issues with your Connected Home service.