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Montana Rates, Terms, and Conditions

The Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) has issued an order stating that long distance services in Montana are detariffed. Accordingly, and effective September 16, 2010, the provisions governing interexchange (long distance) telecommunications services provided by Qwest Communications Company, LLC, and Qwest LD Corp. to Montana customers can be found in Service Agreements and Rate Schedules set out on the Qwest web site.

The applicable Qwest Service Agreements and applicable Montana Rate Schedules are the contract between Montana customers and Qwest Communications Company, LLC/Qwest LD Corp. for interexchange (long distance) and related services for customers who do not have services already covered by a signed contract or term agreement. The Service Agreements are available at, and the Rate Schedules are at

By ordering, using, paying for, and/or not canceling the services or features, the customer agrees to the provisions in the Service Agreements and Rate Schedules. Over time, Qwest may change the Service Agreements and Rate Schedules and will give you reasonable notice of important changes instead of filing them with the Montana PSC.

For further explanation of the changes please visit us at the links above, or call us at 1 800-860-2255.