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Doesn't sound like you?

How much is too much?

Find the CenturyLink products that work for you.

Maybe you need the most expensive technology, maybe you don't. What do you really want from your telecommunications company? Let's talk about you.

  • You have a laptop, sure. But you're not about to watch shows on a computer screen when you've got that giant screen in the den.
  • You have a cell phone, but value security more. 911 can find you more easily with your landline.
  • The Internet is a great way to keep up with friends and family.

You want convenience and customer service that means you get to talk to a human being from time to time. You need services that make sense for you.

See What's Available in My Area

Let's start with TV that's simply the best.

CenturyLink offers two different types of TV services � DirecTV® and Prism™ TV � depending on where you live. Both provide access to all your local channels, as well as hundreds of your favorite channels and thrilling On Demand programming. If you can't decide between your favorite sitcom and the big game, you can choose both. With one of our DVRs, you can record as many as 4 different shows at the same time. The best part is how user-friendly our TV services are. From the remote control to the program guide, your TV will be simple to use.

Customer service is our top priority.

As a CenturyLink customer, you'll never feel neglected. There's a reason our field technicians regularly score very high � as in 9 out of 10 � on the Net Consumer Survey Scores: we consider taking care of you our most important job. So that's what we do. Our technical support team is available 24/7 in case you have questions or concerns.

Get a price you can count on with the Price-Lock Guarantee.

CenturyLink customers have access to something no other provider offers � the CenturyLink Price-Lock Guarantee. That means the monthly price you sign up for will be the same � no surprises. And there's no term commitment, meaning the price is locked in, but the customer isn't � you can stop your services at any time if you need to, with no penalty.

Bundle for savings and simplicity.

Bundling CenturyLink services is a popular way to save money. You can bundle:

Mix and match the services you need to build the bundle that's right for you. You can get all your communications and entertainment services on one bill � for less. For example, customers who bundle TV, Internet and Phone with CenturyLink get a lower bill every month than if they were to order the same services ordered individually. And you can save even more adding Verizon Wireless service through CenturyLink to your bundle. It just makes sense.

Find the Internet speed that's right for you

Everyone uses the Internet in their own way. Maybe you just use it primarily for email and basic Web browsing. Maybe you Skype with family and upload a lot of photos. The faster the Internet speed, the more you have to pay. So make sure you pay for only what you need.

It's important to answer a few questions to determine what Internet speed level is right for you:

How many devices will be sharing your Internet connection?

Computers, tablets, gaming systems, even your TV can all use a lot of your connection speed. If numerous devices are used in your home regularly, you are a candidate for a higher speed.

How many people in your home are using the Internet connection at a given moment?

The higher the number, the less speed each person experiences. You may want to increase your speed level.

Do you download music, upload lots of photos or regularly watch streaming videos on Netflix, YouTube or Hulu?

These activities consume a good amount of your total bandwidth. A higher speed level may be appropriate for you.

There are two ways that your computer uses internet bandwidth - downloading and uploading.
  • When you bring something from the internet to your computer, like photos attached to an email or an album from iTunes, you are downloading.
  • When you add something to the internet - like photos that you're ordering from Walgreens or a file that you're emailing, you are uploading.
  • When you make a Skype call, you are downloading and uploading because your computer is both sending and receiving information.
  • As a general rule, it takes longer (or requires more speed) to upload a file than to download the same file.

What causes the Internet to slow down?

Here's the secret that Internet providers don't want you to know: You're not always going to get the maximum advertised speed you signed up for. The fact is that no company can promise you 100% of your speed level 100% of the time.

Compare the Internet to your home's water supply. If you're the only person home and you take a shower, you get good water pressure. But if someone else is in the kitchen running the faucet, your shower gets a little weaker, and even more so if the washing machine is also running. This type of effect also applies to the Internet.

CenturyLink customers can generally expect actual delivered speed ranging from 85% to 100% of the speed purchased (that's above average for the industry). The fact is, the Internet speed you actually experience is always changing, often due to factors outside of our control, like the condition of your computer and network equipment and the quality of the wiring within your home.

Tips for getting the most out of our Internet speed

There are a few things you can do on your own to make sure you're getting the highest speed possible for your Internet connection:

  • Install or run the latest virus protection software today.
  • Eliminating unnecessary software and files, since the amount of available memory on your computer can affect the speeds you are receiving.
  • If you use a wireless signal, make sure it's secure. If others are using your signal, it can slow down your Internet speeds
  • Make sure your modem is compatible with your technology.

Cell phones are great, but there's nothing like a real home phone.

Nothing beats a traditional landline for long phone calls and the sense of security that comes from knowing your phone will work, even during power outages. But some folks have decided a landline isn't necessary for them. We just want to ensure that you know all the benefits of a landline, so you can make an informed decision on what's right for you.

Be on the safe side.

A landline is a secure line.

  • Landlines are more dependable, when it matters most. 911 calls made from landline phones are immediately traced to your specific address, which can save time in a crisis. This isn't always the case with 911 calls made on mobile devices.
  • Power outages rarely affect a landline, and users don't have to worry as much about not getting a strong signal. (P.S. Be sure to keep a telephone that doesn't require electricity, or one with a battery backup.)
  • Many security systems require a landline, because landline monitoring is by far the most reliable method of sending your alarm's signal.
  • While cell phone calls can be intercepted, doing so on a landline requires access to the cable itself. So landlines are more secure for discussing private or sensitive information like financial accounts and medical records.
  • Phone rings throughout the house, so there isn't a chance of missing an important call.

Sometimes you need a wire to stay connected

Mobile phones offer many advantages, but many customers like you enjoy also having the stability of a landline. A landline offers:

  • A more stable connection
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • No delays or dropped calls

There's a reason why long phone conversations with friends and family members are simply more enjoyable on a real home phone line.


It's easy to transfer your CenturyLink service to your new address, and you can take your Price–Lock Guarantee with you (read important details below for further information). Chat with a CenturyLink Service Representative. Be sure to ask how you can get more and save by bundling.

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Centurylink values your business and respects your privacy. For more information about how we use information we collect online, read the CenturyLink online Privacy Policy.