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National and International Customer Questionnaire


The National and International Customer Questionnaire is a tool used to collect information from National and International Wholesale Customers to set up your new account in the Control Center portal, CenturyLink™ Wholesale's on-line web-based application that provides instant access and management control over a broad range of CenturyLink National and International Wholesale products and Services. The National and International Customer Questionnaire must be completed by an authorized representative of your organization and a completed copy should be retained by your company. Instructions provided within this procedure outline the sections that must be completed before you can begin to order products and services through CenturyLink. Service orders cannot be issued until a fully executed contract and account is established

As you fill in the requested Customer Questionnaire information, note that the fields denoted with an asterisk (*) are required.  This will allow CenturyLink to complete the setup steps.  If not completed, then a Service Support Manager will return this document to you for completion prior to setup work beginning, which ensures quick access to CenturyLink tools required to order products and services.

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Click here to download the National and International Customer Questionnaire.

Control Center

Control Center is a proprietary and secure on-line web-based application that provides you instant access and management control over a broad range of CenturyLink National and International Wholesale products and services. This is a complimentary service to CenturyLink Wholesale Customers. It empowers you to manage your own business with CenturyLink by assigning your own company System Administrator. One System Administrator contact name is required, and any number of additional contacts is allowed to meet your business needs. Control Center has several user access options available allowing you to customize your staff's access. Control Center provides a comprehensive set of management tools including:

Inventory - provides a view of your products and services

Reporting - allows you to generate, view and download a variety of product reports

Statistics - allows you to view historical and real-time statistics via on-line tools and reporting

Status - allows you to monitor network performance

eBilling - allows access to view on-line invoices, change bill delivery options, sign up for One Page Direct™, generate and view billing reports, and add new accounts

Ordering - allows you to create a status configuration request, such as modifying Internet Provider (IP) addressing, Domain Name Service (DNS), routing, news feed, and seamless access to Remote Control® on-line ordering modules

Repair- provides you the ability to create and track status of trouble tickets

Customer Administration - allow you to create and manage user profiles

On-line Help - provides you additional tools to assist in managing your services including Control Center functionality demonstration, retrieval of forgotten passwords, HelpDesk and Live Help, web-based training and Screen Help files.

Remote Control

Remote Control is a web-based tool providing CenturyLink Wholesale National and International customer access to ordering, daily Call Detail Records (CDRs), Customer Account Record Exchange (CARE) file reports, and day-to-day management functions, which is seamlessly accessible via Control Center.

General Information for Voice Services

If you are purchasing Voice Services from CenturyLink, then complete the general Voice Services section. CARE

The CenturyLink CARE group uses the Industry CARE System to send outbound CARE Automatic Numbering Identification (ANI) PIC requests to all Local Service Providers.  They are also responsible to ensure that all inbound transactions are received from the Local Service Providers in a timely manner. 

Complementary Carriers

If you are purchasing CenturyLink 800 Services, then complete the section in the questionnaire that requires you to provide information about your Responsible Organization (RESPORG) and includes completing the Complementary Carrier form.

This offering allows customers who have become a Responsible Organization or want to allow other Responsible Organizations to route 8XX traffic to CenturyLink, to maintain SMS routing control over their 8XXs.  A CenturyLink Toll-Free Complementary Application Form must be submitted to establish this arrangement for the first time with CenturyLink so that CenturyLink Responsible Organization can provide off-net services for areas of origination that CenturyLink would not normally provide.

Additionally, your Complementary RespOrg will be added to internal CenturyLink tables in order to enable auto-transfer of toll free numbers associated with your RespOrg ID.  This validation is used in the Orders To Process – 8XX functionality (bulk add) and will allow real time transfers.

Virtual Carrier Services (VCS) also known as Sub-CIC

If you are purchasing CenturyLink Virtual Carrier Service (Sub-CIC), then complete the Sub-CIC workbook.

Virtual Carrier Services (VCS) also known as Sub-CIC

Access to CenturyLink’s enhanced Virtual Carrier Services (VCS) package allows you to take advantage of CenturyLink's nationwide network.

Customer Notifications

Legal and rate change notices will be sent to the addresses listed in your contract with CenturyLink. If you wish to change those addresses, or to add additional customer notice contacts, please visit the CenturyLink's Wholesale Notification Subscription site. The site provides the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe to CenturyLink's various customer notification types. The Notification Subscription Mailing list web page can be found at http://www.centurylink.com/wholesale/notices/cnla/maillist.html. CenturyLink offers notifications to wholesale customers who subscribe to them on the following topics. Should you prefer not to add any additional notice contacts, CenturyLink will send all notices to the Legal notice contact in your contract, other than rate change notices, which will be sent to the Rate Change notice contact in your contract.

  • Billing:  Notifications containing information regarding CenturyLink wholesale billing processes or changes to those billing systems.
  • Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF): Notification of the annual FUSF Certification Form filing
  • General:  Notifications such as meeting notices, minutes and generic announcements.
  • Marketing/Promotions: Notices of a Marketing nature that promote new or augmented products with CenturyLink.
  • Network:  Notifications including network outages, maintenance, etc.
  • Process:  Notifications associated with various wholesale customer processes with CenturyLink.
  • Product:  Notifications specifically associated with any product available (wholesale or resale) from CenturyLink.
  • Systems:Notifications including system issues, changes, etc. associated with electronic interfaces with CenturyLink.
  • Tax Exemption Certification: Notices of exemptions, renewals reminders, new tax rate information
  • Training:  Notifications containing CenturyLink products, process and/or system training opportunities and upcoming CenturyLink training events.
  • VOIP: Notifications of network maintenance or changes for IP Voice Termination or IP Voice Origination, such as software upgrades, to CenturyLink's hardware, new equipment or grooming of IP Trunks as part of the CenturyLink IP network.
  • Web Site:  Notifications including URL updates/changes to CenturyLink Wholesale Internet site.
  • Wholesale Service Agreement Legal Notice: Notifications regarding CenturyLink International and/or Domestic (50 state) contracts of a legal nature. Note: this subscription will add/change/delete the contacts you have previously identified in your contract with CenturyLink
  • Wholesale Service Agreement Rate Notice: Notices with your CenturyLink rates for International and/or Domestic. Note: this subscription will add/change/delete the contacts you have previously identified in your contract with CenturyLink.

Tax and FUSF Information

For most taxes billed on the services you purchase from CenturyLink, CenturyLink acts on behalf of the relevant tax jurisdiction and is required to bill tax on such taxable services, and collect and remit those tax collections to the appropriate tax jurisdiction. To legally exempt you from these tax billings the properly completed exemption documentation, for each individual tax jurisdiction, is required. Failure to provide the tax exemption certificate may cause tax to bill inappropriately.

The National Account Setup Team provides your Authorized Representative with the link to the tax exemption certificates repository to complete and return any of your requested exemptions.

One Page Direct™ and electronic billing (eBill)

CenturyLink's One Page Direct program provides a single page remittance paper invoice and CenturyLink's on-line billing companion, eBilling. One Page Direct is the recommended delivery option for all CenturyLink Wholesale National and International Customers due to CenturyLink's limits on large call volume detail paper printed bills. When CenturyLink sets up your account, the default setup on One Page Direct, Ebilling, available in Control Center, allows access to view on-line invoices. Call Detail Records (CDRs), the ability to change your account bill delivery option from One Page Direct to paper invoice, generate/view billing reports, and add new accounts.

Instructions to set up your account from One Page Direct to paper invoice are found in your Control Center Access email that you will receive from the National and International Account Setup team.

Alternate Media Monthly Invoice Set Up

CenturyLink's Alternate Media Support Team offers CDR eBill Companion Service, Monthly ASCII via ASCII Formatted CD-ROM and ASCII Web download. You have the option of receiving your CDRs via CD-ROM, Web download or both. There is no charge for this service.

In order to receive your Monthly Invoice on CD-ROM (no charge), instead of paper, complete the Wholesale Alternate Monthly Media Enrollment section and select ASCII Formatted CD-ROM without Software and/or ASCII Web download.

Daily Call Detail Extraction setup

CenturyLink's Alternate Media Support Team offers Daily Call Detail Records Extraction setup.

The LATIS (CenturyLink's Billing System) Extraction information is necessary in order for CenturyLink to set up your Daily Call Detail Record (CDR) Extraction, download it to your CDR directory in Remote Control, and set up back-up access to our VAX system for retrieval of your Daily CDRs in the event Remote Control is not available.

NOTE to Resellers; Completing the LATIS Extraction section is a requirement for all Resellers and should be considered as a critical step in the ability to bill your end users.

CenturyLink's Alternate Media Support Team Help Desk is available 8:00 AM - 5 PM EST at 800- 315-0887 (Domestic) or 614 215-5466 (International) or email ebchelp@centurylink.com.


Upon completion, the questionnaire is emailed to the NASUT at nasut@centurylink.com with an email subject line of "National or International Customer Questionnaire." Once a complete and accurate questionnaire has been received, your account will be established in Control Center. You will receive an email from CenturyLink's Account Setup Team which provides your Control Center user-IDs, passwords, instructions for the initial log-in, links to Control Center and Remote Control training resources, One Page Direct set up steps, information about CenturyLink's Tax Exemption Repository and requirements instructions for certification, information about CenturyLink's Notification Subscription Tool, and accessing the CenturyLink Secure Web Site.

Once your accounts are established, the Service Support Manager will be in contact with you to schedule an introductory conference call.

The introductory conference call allows CenturyLink to:

  • Introduce your CenturyLink account team members; review each member’s role and responsibilities. Provide contact information email, phone, and pagers
  • Review the Questionnaire and tax forms and answer any questions regarding their completion
  • Address any specific questions you may have regarding ordering, billing or any other topic
  • Address any questions about CenturyLink Customer Care and Order Management.  If you desire to have additional training about On-line order Forms, we arrange to have someone contact you
  • Introduce Control Center and Remote Control, login, password change, and point out any particular screens as needed

CenturyLink will notify you when your contract is fully executed.


View CenturyLink courses by clicking on Course Catalog.


For additional information, current CenturyLink National customers can log into the Business Procedure & Technical Documentation Section on the centurylink.com website.

Please contact:
  • NASUT@centurylink.com (National and International Customers) if there are questions about completing the National and International Customer Questionnaire.

Last Update: October 22, 2012

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