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Using the toll-free view and modify call plan tool

The toll-free view and modify a call plan tool allows you to make changes to your switched and dedicated 8XX numbers in near real time.  See below steps to get started, and click here for more detailed information.

  1. Click the Inventory tab, and the Inventory Services subtab displays.

You can retrieve 8xx numbers to make call plan changes in multiple ways:

Toll Free Inventory

Go to Inventory tab and the Inventory Service subtab displays.  You can search for a dedicated or switched 8xx number by Product/Service ID, or click the Show Advanced Search and filter for Toll Free (then click Apply Search Filters).  When you retrieve the desired 8xx number, you can click on the 8xx row to open it and Navigate to Details View.  The View/Modify Call Plan tool is displayed.

Service Status

Go to Orders tab and the Order Status subtab displays, select Service Status; or go to Reports, select Voice Reports, then select Service Status.  Enter the dedicated or switched 8xx number and retrieve it, then click on the 8xx number (green hyperlink).  The View/Modify Call Plan tool is displayed.

  1. Display Mode is VIEW ONLY.  Click the Modify Call Plan link to enter MODIFY Display Mode.
  1. Click Toll-free Details link.
  1. You can select 1st Trunk, 1st DTO Trunk, and 2nd DTO Trunk from the lists.  For the ANI field, you can use Add Switched Terminating Address to add an ANI, and it will display in the ANI field on the Toll Free Details page.
  1. Enter an ANI in the Ring-To Number field and click the Save button below it.  You can return to Toll-free Details link, or click on Terminating Addresses link if you need to change DNIS on trunk groups.
  1. Click the magnifying glass icon under Tools on the right.
  1. Enter DNIS digits in the DNIS field, and click the Save button below.
  1. The screen reloads to the Call Routing Tree.  Click on the Save Changes link next to the green checkmark icon.

Save Changes now has a > indicator to the left of it.

  1. You have the option to add additional 8XX numbers in the Replicate Call Plan box.

Note:  When replicating toll free call plans, DNIS (Dialed Numbered Identification System) may be changed on the Replicate Call Plans screen.

One option is to select the “Use 8XX as DNIS” checkbox; this will assign the Toll Free number as the DNIS digits for each Toll Free number in the order request.

Second option is to enter the Toll Free number - comma - and then the DNIS digits in the Toll Free Number text box.

  1. Click the Submit button.  Request Status is displayed.
  1. You can click on the link "Click here to track the satus of your order request.Order Status is displayed.
  1. You can make note of the Order Number and return here later to enter it in Order Status.  Jobs List is shown below.

You can also check the Order Number in Preliminary Order Status.  Modify Call Plan changes are Ordering Method "Dedicated/Switched Batch" in Preliminary Order Status.

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