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Viewing a list of all your CenturyLink services

You can view a list of all your CenturyLink services on an enterprise ID in one list. While a product-specific list has its value, sometimes it's helpful to be able to look at a complete service summary.

To view a list of all your services:

  1. Click the Inventory tab, then click the Inventory Services subtab.

    Control Center displays a list of all services assigned to the accounts under your enterprise ID. If you have more than ten services, you can view the rest of your services by clicking one of the blue linked Show numbers at the top of the list or you can click the down arrow at the bottom of the list to add ten services at a time to the view.
  1. Ways you can customize your view to better examine your services:

    • Click the Map View link to see your services on a map. Green dots indicate service locations with no open repair tickets. Red triangles with exclamation marks indicate service locations with open tickets.
    • Click Download Results to download a spreadsheet of all your services.
    • Click the blue arrow to the right of the service address to see details for a particular service.

  1. If you want to find a specific service, you can search for it in one of these ways:

    • Sort your services using the Sort by… list (e.g., Service Type). You can toggle between descending and ascending order using the arrow to the right of the Sort by… list.

    • Filter your services by selecting an option from the View All (Default) list.

    • Search for the service (by service type, account, etc.) using the Search by… field and search box. (To search using multiple search criteria, click Advanced Search, then fill in your search criteria and click Apply Search Filters. When you're done, click Close Advanced Search.)
  1. Click the Show Advanced Search button.  All service types are displayed.

You can select a specific service type, such as all long distance, private line, IQ Networking, or select a sub-service type, such as dedicated LD or IQ Enhanced. Then, select the checkbox next to DIA or Toll Free.

  1. Click either Save as New View or Apply Search Filters buttons.  
  1. Below is an example of using Show Advanced Search to display Toll Free. Click on each service to see more details. For Toll Free, this is how you can access the modify call plan tool, as well as number reservations, reservation status, and call plan template.
  1. Click Save as New View to name and saved services you are displaying. 

  2. To select the default view, click Save & Apply.
  1. Click the Views list.
  1. To rename, make default, or delete view, click Manage Views

    To create a new view, click Save as New View.

  2. Click Done.  
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