Wholesale support
With Control Center, you can manage your organization's services and orders online. You can also check locations to see if they qualify for new or additional services.

Manage Orders, Order Status and Explore Products

Manage Orders

Use Manage Orders to add, change, disconnect, block/unblock services, submit batch file orders, and change your billing address.

The Manage Orders functionality can be accessed via the shortcut on your Control Center Dashboard > Frequently Visited or going to Orders > Order Status > Manage Orders.

OnLine Order Forms (OLOF)

Ordering 8XX Toll Free Service

Control Center offers multiple 8XX ordering options, including self-service tools and OLOFs. For help choosing an 8XX ordering method, see the "Control Center Toll Free Ordering Reference Matrix" in Control Center > Walk Me Through tab/widget > Control Center Guides.

Ordering Switched 8XX, ANIs, and Calling Cards

Switched and Dedicated 8XX Ordering Tools

Use these tools to reserve 8XX numbers and manage your 8XX call plans.

Order Status

Use Order Status to track progress of your orders, including self-service ordering tools such as DTFO, Dedicated 8XX Batch Add, and Switched Batch.

Explore Products

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