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Dedicated 8XX Batch Add Overview

The Dedicated 8XX Batch Formatter is used to create new 8XX Bulk Add files for adding Dedicated 8XX numbers to a customer’s account.


Dedicated 8XX Batch supports adding New/Reserved and Complementary Carrier Dedicated 8XX.

 Change or disconnect actions, or porting 8xx, are not supported.

Control Center offers multiple 8XX ordering options, including self-service tools and OLOFs. For help choosing an 8XX ordering method, see the "Control Center Toll Free Ordering Reference Matrix" in Control Center > Walk Me Through tab/widget > Control Center Guides.

This document is a quick reference guide that provides Supported Order Types, Supported 8XX Quantity per Order, Supported Features and Ordering Intervals.

  1. Do one of the following to access Manage Orders:

    • From the Control Center dashboard, click the Manage Orders link (in the Frequently Visited widget).

    • Click the Orders tab, then click the Order Status subtab. Click Manage Orders.
  1. Select Batch.
  1. For Dedicated Batch, select Ordering Type as Dedicated.
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