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Using DTFO in Manage Orders

Control Center allows you to submit TDM dedicated and IP Voice Toll Free numbers for Add, Change, and/or Disconnect orders via the Dedicated Toll Free Origination (DTFO) self service tool.  New/Reserved, Porting and Complementary Carrier Order Types are supported.

See the Error Messages for DTFO Error Handling list available on the right side of the DTFO articles.

Control Center offers multiple 8XX ordering options, including self-service tools and OLOFs. For help choosing an 8XX ordering method, see the "Control Center Toll Free Ordering Reference Matrix" in Control Center > Walk Me Through tab/widget > Control Center Guides.

This document is a quick reference guide that provides Supported Order Types, Supported 8XX Quantity per Order, Supported Features and Ordering Intervals.

General DTFO Notes

  • All Required Fields are denoted in the DTFO self service tool with a red asterisk.

  • When submitting a Change or Disconnect order for existing 8XX, the correct Customer Account Number or Product Account Number that the 8xx exists on must be selected.  Selecting an incorrect Customer Account Number or Product Account Number will result in the order failing this validation.  A new order will then have to be submitted with the correct information.

  • Currently, the End User Name field will populate when entered on a DTFO Add order.  Entering data into End User Name field on a DTFO Change order will not change this info on the existing 8xx.  Changing End User Name on an existing 8xx will have to be submitted on appropriate toll free OLOF.

  • It is preferable that orders for international toll free are submitted via appropriate toll free OLOF.  DTFO does not currently support Class of Service (Originating Routing) that includes International.

  • It is preferable that orders to set up new STG/ISO are submitted via appropriate toll free OLOF.  This will allow the STG or ISO feature to be selected.  DTFO only supports existing STG/ISO in the trunk group fields.

Order Type field on DTFO Add Order:

  • Order Type of New should be selected for 8XX reserved to CenturyLink Resp Org LGT01
    • In the Features section, the Current RespOrg ID field will default to LGT01
  • Order Type of Porting should be selected when porting from other Resp Org to CenturyLink Resp Org
    • In the Features section, select the current Resp Org ID (that the 8xx is porting from) in the Current RespOrg ID list
  • Order Type of Complementary should be selected when your company has Resp Org control of the 8XX
    • In the Features section, select the Complementary Carrier Resp Org ID in the Current RespOrg ID list

DTFO Disconnect Orders Notes:

DTFO Disconnect orders are provisioned via automated process.  When the DTFO Disconnect order is submitted, CenturyLink will be unable to cancel the DTFO Disconnect order in Control Center, or in the downstream provisioning process.  If DTFO disconnect was submitted in error, the disconnected 8xx numbers will need to be added back to the account when the disconnect order has completed all provisioning jobsteps.

DTFO Disconnect orders cannot be scheduled for a future date.  If it is requested in the DTFO order comments section, the order will proceed through the automated disconnect provisioning process, since future disconnect date is not supported in the DTFO disconnect automated provisioning order flow.

Requesting a near future date for 8xx disconnect is available only via toll free OnLine Order Forms (OLOFs), specifically the "TDM Voice Toll Free" OLOF, and the "IP Voice LD or Toll Free" OLOF.

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