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Using OnLine Order Forms (OLOFs)

OnLine Order Forms (OLOF) are service order forms that are submitted to CenturyLink for order entry.

Completion Guides are available to provide guidance and information for filling out each type of OLOF.  In Control Center, click on the Walk Me Through widget at the bottom of Control Center, and select Control Center Guides to access the OLOF Completion Guides.

Choosing an OnLine Order Form (OLOF)

OnLine Order Form 
Order or Port Type
Additional Information
Collocation Order Type:
  • Domestic Collocation
  • International Collocation
CenturyLink Telco-Colocation service offers CenturyLink IXC  IP and transport customers the option to lease space in a CenturyLink Point of Presence (PoP) or a remote Colocation (ROW) site.
Eline Order Type:
  • E-line Long Haul
  • E-line Metro
E-Line uses Ethernet over MPLS over a non-oversubscribed DWDM network that combines the benefits of intelligent routing with the advantages of 100 percent committed bandwidth.
IP Solutions
Port Type:
  • Public Internet Port (DIA)
  • Private Port - Layer 2 (VPLS)
  • Private Port - Layer 3 (IP-VPN)/MPLS
IP Solutions is a globally available data solution comprised of a suite of CenturyLink Communications (aka QCC) products built upon a standards-based MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) framework within CenturyLink’s AS-209 network, providing direct access to the CenturyLink Fiber Network. IP Solutions can be used to create multi node networks or provide Internet access. Outside of the Wholesale organization, CenturyLink refers to IP Solutions as IQ Networking.
IP Voice LD or Toll Free

Select either one or both:

  • IP Voice 8XX Origination
  • IP Voice Termination

(OLOF will add either or both sections, as selected)

IP Voice 1+ Termination, Origination, and International Gateway provides a cost-effective way for service providers to terminate and originate phone calls worldwide while taking advantage of IP voice technology.

add / change / disconnect IP Voice trunk groups for Termination and 8XX Origination
add / change / disconnect IP Voice 8xx numbers
add / change / remove 8xx features

Private Line Order Type:
  • Domestic Private Line
  • International Private Line
  • Metro Private Line
  • Ethernet Private Line
  • Optical Wavelength Service
Private Line is a service utilized to carry voice, data, and video between geographically dispersed locations.  It provides your customers with scalable, reliable, and secure transport via a direct channel from one location to another.
TDM Voice Toll Free Order Type:
  • New (reserved to LGT01)
  • Porting (porting to CenturyLink Resp Org LGT01)
  • Complementary (customer is own Resp Org)

Formerly known as STFO Standard Toll Free Order form

add / change / disconnect switched termination 8XX
add / change / disconnect dedicated termination 8xx*
add / change / remove 8xx features

*TDM trunk groups only; for IP Voice/VOIP trunk groups and/or 8xx numbers, use the "IP Voice or Toll Free" OLOF (see above)


TDM Voice LD
Order Type:
DAL, DS1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192
  1. To quickly access ordering, click the Manage Orders shortcut link found on the Dashboard in the Frequently Visited section.  This will navigate you directly to the Manage Orders screen.

Note: you can also click the Orders tab, click the Order Status subtab, then click the Manage Orders link.

  1. Select  Add, Change, or Disconnect.  
  1. Select the desired OnLine Order Form (OLOF) from the Service Type list.

All *Required Fields on the OLOF (fields with a red asterisk) must be completed, at which time the Submit Request button will become available so the OLOF can be submitted.  To assist with this, the sections with Required Fields are called out with a “Contains Required Fields” designation.

As you open the section and begin to make selections and enter information, the “Contains Required Fields” designation is red (there is also an “X” at the end to indicate the section is incomplete).

When all Required Fields in the section are completed, the “Contains Required Fields” designation changes from red to blue, with a check mark icon to indicate completion of all Required Fields in this section.

To activate the Submit Request button:

  • All Required Fields must be completed and all sections have the “Contains Required Fields” in blue font (and the checkmark icon),
  • On OLOFs with a Service Address Information section, validate the address
    • Note: though the Service Address may have been validated before saving an OLOF, it must be validated again on saved OLOFs (and all Required Fields must be completed) to enable the Submit Request button

The IP Solutions has a "Complete this order using attached order form" - see this article for more details

Miscellaneous notes:

  • Account numbers pre-populate in the Customer Account Number list
  • The Primary contact information will default to displaying the username profile information (this can be edited in Profile)
  • If you change the Primary Contact Details Email address, ensure that the new email address is valid (i.e. name@company.com); invalid email addresses will cause the OLOF to fail to send to the order entry center
  • Some OLOF may present different fields depending on the Action. For example, the TDM Voice Toll Free OLOF will have fewer sections when Disconnect action is selected, due to only needing a list of toll free numbers that are to be disconnected.

All OLOFs with Service Address will have a consistent appearance.  OLOFs will have a Domestic/International option either in a list for Order Type, or as a selection in the Service Address section, as applicable for the product.

Location Details:

  • Area drop down = Building, Wing, Pier or N/A
  • Location Designator 2 = Floor or N/A
  • Type = Apartment, Lot, Room, Slip, Unit, Suite or N/A

After clicking on Validate Address button, you may be presented with the message "Exact Service Address could not be found.  Please select a location from the near match list."  You can select one of the presented address options, or "Use address as entered."

If you save the OLOF and return later, you will need to validate the address again to activate the Submit Request button at the bottom of the OLOF.

  1. When all Required Fields have been completed and all section accordions have the "Contains Required Fields" in blue font with checkmark icon (and address validated where applicable), then the Submit Request button should be available.  Click Submit Request button to submit the order to CenturyLink for order entry processing.

You will receive automated emails acknowledging that the order was received.  A copy of your OLOF is included in the automated emails.  The OLOF is also available in Control Center for 90 days.

You can contact us for order status.  Control Center also offers milestone jobstep order status information.

Ordering tips

Ordering error message "8XX Is Not Transferable, please submit a STFO OLOF"
This error info message may appear in Control Center self service ordering tools (such as 8xx > Switched or Switched Batch results).  This means the 8XX number already exists on another CenturyLink account.  Submit a "TDM Voice Toll Free" OLOF (formerly known as STFO Standard Toll Free Order form).  It supports switched termination toll free numbers as well as dedicated termination (TDM trunk groups only).  The order entry center will transfer the 8xx number to your account (Resp Org control or LOA may be required).

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