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Creating threshold rules for circuit and device metrics

As part of PTAP performance reporting, you can create threshold rules for both circuit and device metrics at either the enterprise or device level for any or all of the following metrics:

  • Average IN utilization
  • Average OUT utilization
  • Peak IN utilization
  • Peak OUT utilization
  • Average peak IN utilization
  • Average peak OUT utilization
  • Packets IN
  • Packets OUT
  • Average packet size IN
  • Average packet size OUT
  • Bytes IN
  • Bytes OUT
  • Discards IN
  • Discards OUT
  • Sample size
  • Availability*
  • Jitter*
  • Latency*
  • Packet loss*

* these metrics are only available with the E2E stats package (with active circuit information)

To create threshold rules, do the following:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Network Reports subtab, then click Network Performance.

    Control Center opens a separate window for CenturyLink PTAP.
  1. In the Threshold box on the dashboard (above the map), click Threshold Rules.

    This is the Threshold Rules window displays the threshold rules (if any) you have in place for the enterprise. You can set up threshold rules for both active and passive metrics. If you don't have a E2E stats package, you don't have access to active circuit information, so you cannot set up rules for active metrics (and the Enterprise Active and Individual Active tabs are grayed out).
  1. Based on the sample size you'd like to use, click the Edit link on the row for that sample size.
  1. In the Rule Name column, type a name for the rule.

  2. Fill in the metrics you'd like to use for your threshold rule. You can add a value for each of the metrics. At least one metric value needs to be filled to create the rule. For all the metrics (except Availability), the value you type in the field should be greater than the threshold value. For the Availability metric, the input value should be less than the threshold value.

  3. In the Rule Status field, make sure Enabled is selected.

  4. When you've filled in the metrics you want to use for the rule, click the Update link.

    PTAP creates the rule. Once a rule is created, the incoming, real-time PTAP metrics are evaluated against the rule. If the threshold rule is violated, we email you an alert. You'll receive an email each time the rule is violated for the time period (Sample Size) you specified. If the rule continues to be violated, you'll receive an email only for the first three time periods. After the third period, we stop emailing—even if the rule continues to be violated—to avoid filling your inbox. Rules are unique to a user and cannot be shared with other users.

You might also want to view a report of your top hitters or view summary metrics. If you're not already doing it, try using the map filters so you can more quickly find exactly the information you need.

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