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Suspending a threshold rule for circuit and device metrics

As part of PTAP performance reporting, you can manage threshold rules for both circuit and device metrics at either the enterprise or device level. Once you create a threshold rule, you can turn it off (suspend it). Suspending a threshold rule instead of deleting it allows you to turn it back on at a later time without having to recreate it.

To suspend a threshold rule, do the following:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Network Reports subtab, then click Network Performance.

    Control Center opens a separate window for CenturyLink PTAP.
  1. In the Threshold box on the dashboard (above the map), click Threshold Rules.

    PTAP displays all existing threshold rules. The Rule Status column indicates whether a rule is active (Enabled) or suspended (Suspended).
  1. Click the Edit link.

  2. Scroll to the far right and, in the  Rule Status column, select Suspended.

  3. Scroll back to the left and click the Update link.

    PTAP turns off (suspends) the rule. You will no longer receive emails about this rule (until you change the Rule Status back to Enabled).

You might also want to view a report of your top hitters or view summary metrics. If you're not already doing it, try using the map filters so you can more quickly find exactly the information you need.

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