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Viewing averaged metrics for your network

With the PTAP At-A-Glance report, you can see averaged metrics for your entire network. Data used for this report is generated in 15-minute intervals and the most-recent/last-collected sample is used.

To view an at-a-glance report, do the following:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Network Reports subtab, then click Network Performance.

    Control Center opens a separate window for CenturyLink PTAP.
  1. In the At-A-Glance box on the dashboard (above the map), use the lists to choose the information for your report:

    a. Specify whether you want to view Interfaces (device metrics), Physical Transport Metrics (layer 1 metrics), or Queues.

    b. Select the collection sample. By default, you'll get the last collected 5-minute metric sample (FiveMinute).

  2. Click Go.

    PTAP runs the report and displays your results. Gauges showing the average for those metrics appear in a pop-up window, as shown below. Each gauge shows the average for your company's network.

The individual red gauge needles show the average for that specific metric across your whole company.

LWM = low water mark; HWM = high water mark. These abbreviations are below each gauge and indicate the lowest (and highest) value for each metric—across your whole enterprise for the sample (5-minute sample in the example shown above). The LWM/HWM values are helpful for quickly determining whether a device/circuit is not performing optimally.

To investigate further, run a Top Hitters report to find out which device/circuit is having a problem.

Many customers find it useful to know how to view summary metrics for a specific point in time. You also might want to create threshold rules so you can be alerted to changes in your network. And, if you ever need to find specific information, try using the PTAP map filters.

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