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Interstate Service Guide

In October 2007, the FCC issued a decision on our Broadband Forbearance Petition. This decision grants EMBARQ relief from the requirement to apply our dominant carrier tariff filing, cost support, discontinuance, and domestic transfer of control rules; and certain Computer Inquiry requirements with regard to existing non-TDM-based, optical transmission services and packet-switched services capable of transmitting 200 kbps or greater in each direction.

These services include Frame Relay Services, ATM Services, Local Area Network (LAN) Services, Ethernet-Based Services, Video Transmission Services, Optical Network Services, and Wave-Based Services. This grant is restricted to services that the petitioners currently offer and list in their petitions, and excludes all TDM-based, DS-1 and DS-3 services.

This means EMBARQ can remove all SONET and Packet Services (Ethernet, ATM and Frame Relay) from the interstate tariff. Once the service descriptions, terms/conditions and prices are removed, customers will be required to purchase those services under contract.

The following documents set forth the guidelines for this process and replace provisions set forth in the former EMBARQ Local Operating Companies FCC Tariff #1. Please contact your account manager for additional details.

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