Training for CenturyLink QC Region

Training General Information

CenturyLink™ offers training to help you execute your business plan and to assist you in doing business with us.

Course Descriptions, Registration & Schedule

Instruction is provided in three specific categories:
  • Product
  • Process
  • Systems

To accommodate your schedule, we offer classes in a number of training styles:

  • Instructor-Led (Directory Listings only)
  • Downloadable Course Material
  • Web Based Training

Descriptions of courses and registration information are located on the Course Catalog & Registration page, and Job aids, reference materials, and student guides are provided with courses as appropriate.

Please check the current schedule located on the Course Catalog & Registration page when you are ready to enroll.

Wait List Information: Request a Course

If a course is not offered during the current quarter, you can request the class through a Wait List Request.
  1. On the Course Catalog & Registration page under the Availability & Registration column, select: Submit a Wait List Request for any courses that are not currently available.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Request a city location.
  4. Submit the form to CenturyLink.

We will contact you via email to confirm the receipt and processing of your request. If the course is offered during the next quarter, you will be informed of quarterly class postings via CLEC Notifications. You can then check the course schedule to view current course offerings.

Wait List Information: Course Filled

If a course is filled and registration is closed, you can Submit A Wait List Request.

  1. Complete the form and submit it to CenturyLink. We will contact you to confirm receipt and processing of the request.
  2. After a current enrolled student cancellation request has been processed for a class with a wait list, the Registration Coordinator will contact the first customer on the wait list, and continue through the list until finding a replacement for the cancellation, or until the wait list is exhausted.
  3. We will send a class confirmation to the newly enrolled student.
  4. Students unable to attend a wait-listed class will remain on the wait list for future class scheduling. If a future class is scheduled, the Registration Coordinator will contact these students and inform them of the new class offering.

Wholesale Product & Service Information

CenturyLink Wholesale product and service information is located on the Product & Services page.

Feedback & Contacts

If you have any questions regarding course offerings, registration, or training schedules, please email