• Welcome to the DS3 eLearning Lesson
    • Information

    • This self-directed eLearning course, will expose you to all aspects of DS3 Service. It provides a detailed description of the characteristics, applications, and benefits of DS3 Service. It also covers the four optional features used to enhance the functionality of DS3 Services

      The "What is..." module will introduce you you to the DS3 Services.
      The "How to..." module you will learn how DS3 is configured and effectively tailored to each customer.

      Upon completion of this eLearning, you will be able to:

      • •   Define the DS3 product and its functions and features.
      • •   Identify how the benefits and applications relate to the features and functions of the DS3 product.
      • •   Determine what type of customer is or is not qualified for DS3 and what equipment is required.