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    • CenturyLink is a telecommunications company featuring local services, internet/ broadband, wireless, long distance, and tv services. CenturyLink is a leader in reliable, scalable, and broadband internet-based data, voice adn image communications for businesses and consumers. The CenturyLink Macro Capacity® Fiber Network, designed with the newest optical networkign equipment for speed and efficiency, spans more than 180,000 miles globaly.
      CenturyLink provides products and services to CLECs and Reselelrs pursuant to a tariff and/ or agreement. The information in this course is meant for a general audience and the specifics of the rates, terms, and conditions of products and services available to you are contained in the applicable tariff and/ or agreement.

      What does this mean for you?

      • - CenturyLink Wholesale offers innovative products and services to Wholesale markets around the world
      • - With its powerful Macro Capacity® Fiber Network, CenturyLink is uniquely positioned to meet individual needs with room for growth.
      • - We offer the classes and materials to ensur your success in working with CenturLink and in providing the highest quality service for your customers.
      • - You can take advantage of CenturyLink's ability to offer one of the nations fastest, most reliable advanced fiber-optic networks that links CenturyLink directly to 25 million customers.
      • - Take advantage of CenturyLinks' 2.4 gigabit (OC-48) nationwide Internet Protocol (IP) backbone network, as well as our advanced network, to serve customers.

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