Carbon Disclosure Project

The CDP is an independent, nonprofit organization that aims to create an ongoing relationship and meaningful dialogue between shareholders and corporations based on the implications of climate change.

CenturyLink has submitted its carbon inventory to the CDP since 2010. Our carbon inventory has undergone assurance review by a third-party certified assurance company. This assurance is intended to provide CenturyLink and external parties with an additional level of confidence that CenturyLink’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory is complete, accurate, complies with GHG protocol and covers appropriate sources and facilities.

To learn more about what corporations are doing to reduce carbon footprints, the CDP issues an annual questionnaire and then assigns a Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) rating based on a company’s response.

For more information regarding CenturyLink's response to the CDP, go to https://www.cdp.net/en/search and type "CenturyLink" in the search box.

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