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Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)

As an active member and contributor to ATIS, CenturyLink works alongside other industry leaders to identify and promote energy-efficient technologies and equipment. CenturyLink also is a member of the ATIS Exploratory Green Group, which is developing recommendations and sharing best management practices for the telecommunications industry in the area of environmental sustainability. The group is looking at ways the telecommunications industry can assist other businesses to reduce their carbon footprints by using videoconferencing, telecommuting, smart buildings and logistics.

EPA SmartWay Program

CenturyLink is a member of the EPA’s voluntary SmartWay Transport Shippers program. The SmartWay program recognizes partners that set and achieve goals to reduce GHG emissions in their freight transport operations. The program encourages using SmartWay Partner freight carriers that are improving their own fuel efficiency, which helps reduce potential environmental impacts from freight shipping activities.

Commuter Programs

It is estimated that greenhouse gas emissions from transportation represent 33 percent of total U.S. emissions. CenturyLink offers the FlexPass program in partnership with the Regional Transportation District in Denver to employees. FlexPass was designed specifically for large companies that make pre-tax spending account options available to their employees. CenturyLink also offers commuter programs in Seattle, Phoenix, and Portland, Oregon

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