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CenturyLink meets your unique needs

The Convenience of One Voice Mailbox

Now, everyone including deaf and hard-of-hearing members in your home can retrieve all of their messages from one voice mailbox. Hearing members still get the same great CenturyLink® Voice Mail service they've enjoyed in the past, and Teletypewriter(TTY) users can retrieve their voice messages from any touch-tone TTY. For detailed instructions, visit CenturyLink Voice Mail Service with TTY or call CenturyLink regarding Programs for Customers with Disabilities.

Teletypewriter Users Get Reduced Long-Distance charges

As a CenturyLink customer who relies on a Teletypewriter (TTY), you may qualify for a reduced charge on your long-distance communications. To get more information or to learn to qualify, contact a consultant at CenturyLink regarding Programs for Customers with Disabilities.

TTY Directory Listing

If you use a Text Telephone(TTY), Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) or Telecommunications Relay Service, you may note this in your directory listing at no additional charge. Choose from several listing options including:

  • TTY only
  • TTY and Voice
  • Captioned Telephone Service only
  • Captioned Telephone Service & Voice

Please call the Customer Service at 800-244-1111 to choose your phrase and add it to your directory listing.

Hearing Aid-Compatible Cell Phones

CenturyLink is an authorized sales agent for Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless offers a choice of wireless handsets that meet the FCC Hearing Aid Compatibility requirements for Radio Frequency interference. These phones have an M3 or T3 or better Hearing Aid Compatible rating.

Let Callers Know Your New Number

New number referral intercept is an optional Teletypewriter (TTY)-compatible service that ensures other TTY users calling your old, disconnected number will receive your new number message in Baudot tones. (Where technically available)

Critical Care/ Priority Restoral (For former CenturyTel/Embarq customers only)

Also known as Priority Repair, Emergency Repair, Medical Repair.

A Critical Care Customer is a Residential customer or permanent resident of the household who has a serious medical condition (usually a long term, critical condition such as being on life-support, etc.). Critical Care is also for customers whose jobs require 24-hour emergency calling (ex: doctors, employees of fire departments, law enforcement, hospitals, utility companies, etc.).

CenturyLink takes additional steps to reinstate service in the event of an outage for Critical customers.

No Charge for Directory Assistance

CenturyLink customers who are blind, vision- or mobility-impaired and who cannot use a directory may qualify for exemption from Directory Assistance charges on their residential and business lines.

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A Bill You Can Use

We provide your bill in a variety of formats to meet your specific needs:

  • Braille
  • Large font
  • E-mail (compatible with screen readers)

Contact CenturyLink regarding Programs for Customers with Disabilities to arrange to receive your bill in your preferred format.

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Programs for Customers with Disabilities

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