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Success Stories

Thanks to educational outreach, research and the support of high-speed rural telecommunications infrastructure, entrepreneurs and small businesses alike are migrating to  rural towns across the nation - giving people the opportunity to live, work and play where they desire. Below are some examples of how CenturyLink is helping to pave the way and  bridge the digital divide.

Earth & Sky Studios

Jennifer and Ross Allen-Tate own Earth & Sky Studios, LLC in the Methow Valley of North Central Washington. Jennifer was raised in Okanogan County, and returned with her husband in 1996 to be near family. Earth & Sky Studios, established in 1999, excels in print, web and interactive media with support services from CenturyLink. Their business is continuing to grow and has an expanding customer base from both in and outside the area.


HomeMovie.com is a Winthrop, Washington company that edits and preserves family videos, converting them to DVD for online editing with the help of CenturyLink High-speed Internet. John Larsen, an entrepreneur who vacationed in Winthrop, started this firm in Everett, Washington. Upon the encouragement of Winthrop business leaders, he moved the firm to this rural town and is currently developing the local workforce by bringing home those who left the Methow Valley looking for other opportunities.


NCTeleserve is a customer service and technical support contact center company based in Eastern Washington. NCT provides inbound and outbound telephone and e-mail customer support services for large and small business clients. And with the help of CenturyLink's total phone and Internet business solutions, NCT will continue to grow.

Athey Consulting Services

Dr. Miles Athey performs indoor air quality assessments for school districts, medical facilities, industrial complexes, office buildings, government facilities and residences. He has over 30 years of experience as a technical consultant to industry, business, government and educational institutions. Dr. Athey works from his home in Ritzville, Washington.

Technology Entrepreneur

Larry Burtness, a technology entrepreneur in Forks, Washington, is an expert in finding new opportunities. When he moved to Forks in 1997, his plan was to concentrate on moving the software development company he developed in Anacortes to this new, rural location. Through a personal contact, he was asked to take on a project for the Quinault Tribe, transferring data from reel-to-reel tapes into a digital format. That effort led to other information technology work, including serving as a computer applications instructor at the Forks branch of Peninsula College. But he didn't stop there. For the past two years, Larry has been the project manager for the new Olympic Virtual Museum, a grant-funded project sponsored by the University of Washington. Thanks to the help of a high-speed telecommunications infrastructure provided by CenturyLink, entrepreneurs like Larry and businesses will continue to migrate to rural towns across the nation - bridging the digital divide.

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