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CenturyLink is Committed to GDPR Compliance

Release Date: July 16, 2020

CenturyLink is committed to compliance with GDPR and data protection regulations in general. To ensure our services and customer support align with our customers’ own compliance efforts, we have a GDPR compliance program in place, that leverages our robust security, privacy and compliance infrastructure.

CenturyLink has customers in more than 60 countries, including multinational organizations that use our services worldwide. To us, GDPR is not an EU-only matter, but rather an important data protection standard that affects our customers operating in the EU and beyond its borders. Although based in the U.S., CenturyLink recognizes the need to satisfy regional requirements and provide global solutions to our customers. GDPR requires mutual dependencies and cooperation between customers and service providers, and we believe those requirements will strengthen our relationships with customers.

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What measures did CenturyLink specifically undertake to achieve compliance and raise awareness about GDPR’s requirements?
What is CenturyLink’s approach to cross-border data flows and the export of personal data outside the EU?
How will CenturyLink handle requests for summaries and diagrams of data flows?
Under what lawful basis (e.g., obtaining consent, legitimate interests, etc.) will CenturyLink process data under GDPR?
What is GDPR’s effect on CenturyLink’s specific products?
What are CenturyLink’s policies and procedures regarding data retention, destruction, and/or return?
What GDPR-related language will appear in CenturyLink contracts with customers?

CenturyLink Details of Processing for Services

CenturyLink Details of Processing
CenturyLink Products Processing Only Traffic Data of Customer’s End Users
CenturyLink Products Not Processing Personal Data of Customer's End Users
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