Learn how a cybersecurity attack could impact your business.

Cyberattacks are on the rise - and it isn’t always easy to grasp their impact. Use our calculator to see how much a DDoS attack could cost your organization.

Botnets are evolving - they’re growing in size, scale, and sophistication. We’re mitigating ~120 DDoS attacks and actively monitoring ~18,000 C2s every day.
Cyberattacks are hitting private, public, and hybrid cloud environments in new, complex ways. We track ~1.2 million threats per day which gives us a comprehensive understanding of the global threat landscape.
We combine our expertise and technology to stay on top of the digital threat landscape. In fact, we feed over 139 billion NetFlow sessions into our machine learning models every day.

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The yearly amount DDoS attacks could cost your organization is


DDoS attacks
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Security staff
Online revenue
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Based on the information you provided, we were able to calculate different variables that contributed to your estimated financial loss of --. For instance, we found that revenue was negatively impacted by --. The cost impact on IT Operations and Customer Support departments was --. And in terms of brand impact (loss of customers due to negative press, poor customer experiences, etc.) your organization lost --.

At CenturyLink we have the expertise, tools, and resources to assess and help strengthen your IT Security position. Our industry recognized technology safeguards your network, website, and cloud applications enabling us to quickly identify, mitigate, and prevent the latest threats from damaging your business.