The CenturyLink® Difference in the United Kingdom

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Your connectivity with vendors, partners, employees, and customers around the world is vital to your business. Your applications need to be tightly integrated with your network, since your business lives on the network. You need a provider committed to delivering visionary solutions while keeping you connected.

CenturyLink's award-winning account teams are dedicated to providing exceptional service and expert support for your global networking needs. Itís our seamless end-to-end integration of our cloud and network assets that separates CenturyLink from other providers.

Here's the CenturyLink Difference

  • Best-in-class Connectivity across our owned and operated Tier 1 global network
  • Industry-leading Cloud and hosting solutions and expertise
  • Award-winning Commitment to working with our customers

CenturyLink also offers a suite of unified communications, IT consulting, and managed services solutions that keep our customers a step aheadóno matter where they are around the globe or what their future holds.

Global Connectivity

  • 430,000 miles of fiber (enough to circle the Earth 17 times)
  • 40,000 buildings on network (and the number grows everyday)
  • Carrying 100 trillion bits/sec (with documented 99.999% uptime)
  • Industry-leading security, strong enough for the U.S. Government
  • Fastest growing Ethernet provider in 2012

Connectivity Products for the United Kingdom

Global Cloud

  • 2011 acquisition of Savvis ó a company at the forefront of the cloud revolution and the best in class provider for enterprise-grade cloud solutions
  • Five data centers located in Slough, Reading and the London Docklands in the UK and Frankfurt, Germany, offering 121,000 square feet of premier data center space.
  • 55 US domestic and international data centers, plus connected to 200+ third-party data centers
  • Over 2.4 million square feet of total data center space
  • Recognized by Gartner as a leader for both 2012 and 2013 for the Managed Hosting and Cloud categories
  • Hosting 26 petabytes of data

Global Commitment:

  • 33,000 businesses and government agencies trust CenturyLink for their network, cloud, voice, and managed services needs (including 98% of the US Fortune 500).
  • 18.7 Billion in annual pro-forma revenues
  • $3.045 billion in free cash flow
  • 47,000+ employees worldwide
  • 3 CEOs in the past 75 years

By trusting CenturyLink with your business, you can help ensure you are secure, eliminate inefficiencies, and make sure your information technology resources are more focused on your core business.

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