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Central Washington Data Center

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Great Disaster Recovery Location: Check Out Low Cost Hydropower in Central Washington

Built to maximize security, resilience utility and spend, the Moses Lake data center in Central Washington provides colocation solutions and access to multiple network providers including diverse fiber access to the CenturyLink network. This remote data center takes advantage of free air cooling and hydropower, in a low risk location that makes it an ideal spot for disaster recovery and non-latency sensitive workloads.

Our Moses Lake facility taps the abundant hydroelectric power available in Central Washington to provide more than 85 percent of the utility power supplied to this facility–making it not only a low carbon footprint hosting solution, but also one of the most cost-effective colocation options in North America. The data center will have an initial 8 megawatts but will ultimately support up to 30 MW of IT load.

Moses Lake provides the full breadth of colocation options. With over 250,000 SF of available space coupled with 40 MW Critical Load on an adjacent 11 acres, this location provides the ability to customize a data center environment by offering a build-to-suit option.






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Moses Lake Data Center Locations


CW1: Moses Lake, WA

Space: 306,970 sf   Power: 40 MW

Tech Specs

CW1: Moses Lake     Space: 136,000 sf     Power: 40 MW

Real Estate Summary

  • Located in Moses Lake, central Washington
  • Former Command and Control Facility
  • (Built to Withstand a 10 Megaton Bomb at .25 Mile)
  • Geologically Stable – 2B Seismic Rating – Lowest in the Western U.S.

Electrical Summary

  • Building Served by New Utility Substation with Redundant Transformers and Feeds
  • Power density minimum (W/sf) = 175
  • Utility Power Mix to the Facility is 85% Renewable (Hydro)
  • Generator configuration = N + 1
  • Access to over 40 MW Power
  • Minimum two fuel replenishing companies

Fire Detection and Suppression Summary

  • VESDA provides early warning detection

Mechanical Summary

  • Cooling system configuration = N + 1
  • Temperature and humidity managed to strict ASHRAE standard

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CenturyLink has sold its data centers and associated colocation business to a consortium led by BC Partners and Medina Capital Advisors. This move led to the creation of a bold, new company, Cyxtera Technologies, comprised of world-class talent and technology. CenturyLink will continue to work closely with Cyxtera and the same strong team that has operated the data centers successfully for years and who will continue to deliver world-class customer service and Operational Excellence for all colocation customers.