Digital Data Service

Support Your Critical Business Applications with Highly Secure, Always—On Business Data Services—while Controlling Costs

Your business applications are too important to leave at the mercy of an unreliable or outdated communications infrastructure. CenturyLink™ Digital Data Service (DDS) gives you the reliability your business demands with always-on, always available circuits for your communications network. Dedicated point-to-point or multi-point circuits provide maximum security and reliability. Designed to accommodate network growth and evolution, DDS gives you the flexibility and scalability to adapt cost-effectively to emerging needs.

CenturyLink Digital Data Service Features

  • All-digital transmission to eliminate the need for expensive analog modems (customer-provided channel service unit (CSU)/data service unit (DSU) required)
  • Transmission regeneration—not amplification—to avoid the noise and distortion inherent to analog circuits
  • Built-in timing system to ensure that received data is read out at the same average rate that it is written to avoid information loss and data sequence
  • Average performance of 99.8+ percent error-free seconds
  • Compatibility with other CenturyLink digital services, including DS-1, DS-3, frame relay, packet-switching networks, simultaneous voice and data service (SVDS), synchronous optical network (SONET), self-healing alternate route protection (SHARP), and self-healing network service (SHNS)
  • Ability to interface with a packet-switching network, potentially reducing costs
  • Variable pricing discount plans
  • Constant bandwidth capacity upstream and downstream

Optional Features

  • Secondary channel, available at 2.4 through 56Kbps data speeds, for lower data rate network control or monitoring
  • Subrated DS-0 Service for DS-0-to-Subrate (a.k.a. DS-0A-to-DS-0B) multiplexing and transport of the subrate muxed channel
  • Transfer arrangement to transfer a leg of your CenturyLink DDS circuit to another channel that terminates either at the same premise or in a different one (limited to interstate service)
  • Command-a-Link™ for network control of your DDS circuit(s) on a near real-time basis; reconfiguration is done using intelligent network elements such as Digital Cross-Connect Systems
  • Direct digital access line (DDAL) 56Kbps access channel with the added capability of carrying signaling for a public switched digital services circuit (the line may also be used with a private switched digital network)

CenturyLink Digital Data Service Benefits

  • Enjoy effective support for key business applications by transporting digital data reliably and securely over a dedicated point-to-point or multi-point circuit
  • Control costs with competitive pricing and the flexibility to choose from of data speeds ranging from 2.4 to 64Kbps
  • Adapt to change by upgrading easily as your transport needs grow
  • Increase network flexibility and functionality through the same integrated with optional features
  • Keep your business up and running with always-on, 24/7 availability

How CenturyLink Digital Data Service Works

DDS is a core private line solution providing full duplex, four-wire transmission of synchronous serial data over a dedicated point-to-point or multi-point circuit between two end users or between an end user and another carrier. CenturyLink provides timing for this service through facilities to the end user on the received bit stream. DDS is only available between locations that can be connected through compatible digital facilities.

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