Enhanced Port

Support Public and Private Network Access through a Single Cost-Effective Solution with CenturyLink IQ Enhanced Port

When it comes to business networking, one port can be better than two. Maintaining separate ports for public Internet traffic and private corporate communications greatly increases your capital costs, operating expenses, and maintenance burden. CenturyLink IQ Enhanced Port service lets you support network locations that need both private intranet and public Internet connections through a single port. Secure IP Gateway, an optional network-based firewall feature available only with CenturyLink IQ Enhanced Port, diverts Internet traffic from a CenturyLink private MPLS enhanced network to a network-based firewall configured according to your own security policies. CenturyLink Network Management Service(NMS), included as as standard feature with CenturyLink IQ Enhanced Port, provides outside expertise to optimize the design and performance of your network without diverting resources from more strategic areas. Spared the need to maintain separate network ports and on-premises firewall services, you save time, money, and maintenance—while providing the right level of isolation and performance for every type of traffic in your environment.

Enhanced Business Network Features

  • Single port that combines Internet and private corporate enterprise traffic
  • OC-192/Nx10GigE IP backbone network
  • Flexible QoS functionality (available on the Private Networking side of Enhanced Port)
    • Up to 8 priority queues
    • Multiple percentage templates to choose from
  • Any-to-any connectivity
  • Optional Secure IP Gateway firewall with customer-defined NAT and firewall policies for each port
  • Multiple access and port speeds
  • Performance backed by one of the industry's leading SLAs
  • Complete network monitoring and management through Network Management Service

Enhanced Business Network Benefits

  • Provides a cost-effective solution for enterprise locations requiring access to both the public Internet and the corporate WAN
  • Reduces networking complexity
  • Lowers operating and capital expenses by outsourcing firewall management to CenturyLink
  • Prioritizes real-time applications such as voice over IP, video, and point-of-sale ahead of e-mail or Internet access
  • Ensures network performance and availability through a comprehensive service level agreement
  • Improves business continuity with disaster recovery built into the network
  • Delivers the right speed at the right price to meet your data networking needs

How CenturyLink IQ Networking Enhanced Port Works

CenturyLink IQ Networking Enhanced Port combines private and public IP service via CenturyLink's reliable dedicated IP, frame relay, ATM and Ethernet local access loop types. Speeds range from 64Kbps on a DS-1 to OC48, and Ethernet speeds from 2 Mbps to Gigabit Ethernet. The Secure IP Gateway service separates public Internet traffic requests from the customer's private MPLS VPN WAN traffic in a manner that helps ensure the security of your corporate intranet while allowing your users to access all the robust features of the Internet.

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