Migrating to CenturyLink MPLS

Migration to MPLS Should be as Stress and Trouble Free as Possible

We offer the CenturyLink® Professional Project Management resource and the CenturyLink® IQ™ Networking Transition Program.

CenturyLink Professional Project Management

Allow us to do the heavy lifting

As part of your CenturyLink® Account Team, the CenturyLink® Professional Project Management (CPPM) resource will manage your telecommunications projects so you can focus on your business. Your assigned CPPM project manager will be responsible for implementing CenturyLink products and services on time and within budget.


  • 4 phase approach addresses planning, implementation, cutover/transition, and project closure
  • Certified, experienced project managers with the authority to manage and direct team members and resources
  • CPPM resources with extensive telecommunications experience and project management training


  • Complete View: Scope of work includes escalation and change control procedures, cutover schedule, risk assessment, and complete inventory
  • Complete Communication: Test results, location activations, and outstanding open issues are communicated on your terms during project execution
  • Complete Coordination: CPPM orchestrates smooth implementation of your telecommunications solution by maintaining contact with all solution providers
  • Complete Satisfaction: Confidence in knowing what communication resources are working for you and that your bill will be accurate at the conclusion of a project

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Networking Transition Program

Ensuring a smooth transition

The CenturyLink® IQ™ Networking Transition Program offers you relief from any uncertainty or anxiety you may have about moving your mission critical sites and applications over to MPLS. The program also helps alleviate the expense of running parallel networks while you perform your migration.


  • MRC/NRC waiver options for Local Access and CenturyLink® IQ™ Networking Private Port and Enhanced Port are available for qualifying customers
  • CenturyLink® Professional Project Management is also available


  • Dual network charges may be eliminated during transition, resulting in faster ROI and lower TCO
  • CPPM provides a complete view of your network and migration plan; communicates with you throughout the 4 phases; and coordinates all migration-related activities

Different minimum service term commitments are available. Not all minimum service term selections include MRC and NRC waivers. Early termination charges may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Contact CenturyLink for availability and complete details.

Availability of CenturyLink services varies. Please refer to the following for availability details about CenturyLink® MPLS, CenturyLink® IQ™ Networking and Local Access: http://qwest.centurylink.com/legal/docs/availability.pdf